Monday, July 11, 2011

let's hug :)

I'm currently training an all man group for an event's performance. I have to say that they are a bunch of cool guys. Easy to work with, and they don't mind the hard works ( lifting, carrying, etc )

But there's only one tiny little problem with them. They tend to be too cool to pay attention. If i shout at them, it'll be be rude and unprofessional, cos we're all adults. And if i ask them to do other things like pumping etc., it will be too easy.

So i found a super awesome way to punish them every time they don't pay attention. I'll ask them to hug themselves. Yup. HUG for 10 seconds. You see, a 'cool' man is too 'cool' to hug each other in public, let alone 10 seconds.

Not bad huh? 這一招有沒有很賤?
A great punishment that can make them focus, and entertaining watching them doing it at the same time. :)
Or do you have any other suggestions .. custom made punishment for the cool guys? :))

p/s : i'm still in a very stress mode. till there's rashes on my arm....:(


  1. Hehe..if they are naughty you can punish them by hugging me.

    Lol !!!

  2. hahah that's funny. lol

    wat's with the rashes?

  3. 很賤!! haha! but clever too! ;)

    sometimes using little techniques can subdue stubborn people. We just have to find the right one. That's what I call intelligence.

  4. They will get boners instead!

  5. mayb they will thank u for granting their inner man-wish. XD

  6. haha man hug... i think they'll turn from cool to hot.

  7. i think many from your blog reader will want to work for you now. haha.

  8. chenxing .. u really want that meh?

    bong .. dunno .. i think its stress gua.. now better liao.. :)

    savoir .. cos really no use shouting at them .. bukan nyer dia orang dengar pun ;p

  9. twilight .. maybe a few of them la.. not ;p

    vincent .. maybe horr? i can be the match maker kot ;p

    adrian .. gd la.. i need them to be passionate when they perform :)

  10. justin .. gd gd .. then i can get more job :))

    william .. that one i tak nak paksa la.. ;p

  11. At least I get to de-stress...


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