Sunday, July 31, 2011

not black meh?

Remember my previous entry about getting a pair of black high cut shoes? Yeah, i got the shoes. And also found out that i'm not actually old and fat and wrinkled, but i'm oso COLOR BLIND!. And i'm loving it.

jika dipakaikan sepatu emas,
jalan berangin tak payah kipas.

So how?
Ada cantik?
Ada vogiu?
Ada match dengan i yang cantik lagi vogiu? LOL ;p


  1. beautiful people wear what also look good and vogue lah, don't worry~ :p

  2. Pandainya berpantun! Dan sepatu emas tersebut amatlah GLAM. Gaya Lebih Anggun Mewah. :)))

  3. so shiny wei... careful don let any gold robber chop off ur legs. :P

  4. looks expensive...

    Very nice, and matte-effect of the gold is indeed attention grabbing.


  5. sk .. hearing i say like that.. i made me thinking .. err am i the beautiful group or ;p

    tom .. u really got good taste :))

    william .. how i wish.. but i'm not really a gold person .. i like platinum better ... :))

  6. bong .. no worries.. i will wear gold shirt and gold pants to take away the attention from my gold ;p

    chenxing .. haha.. trust me, its really cheap ( not even branded ).. and yes. the matte gold really looks less 'cina'.;p

  7. 回头率会大大增高哦!!!哈哈~

  8. choocolate . good good.. thats my main intention...hhahah ;p

  9. I love this shoes! So sexy and hiau!! It can attract anyone 1km away. Ha ha ha. How much geh?

  10. twilight .. very cheap only.. around RM100.. cekai brand ;p


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