Friday, July 29, 2011

err .. err.. 死就死啦!

Went for a dinner organized by my client last night. It was a replacement dinner for all the performers and crews for the annual dinner. They invited us, the choreographers as well.

So i pun pakai cantik-cantik ( sevogiu-vogiunyer ) and go. Once i arrived, i went to say hello to the team leader. This is when he told me a shocking news :

" Danny, there's a request for all choreographers to give a speech later. "

Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng..............................

I think heart stopped for 2 seconds. My mind literally went blank. Just for your info ... I CANNOT DO PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! You can put me on stage to dance .. or maybe sing.. but don't ask me to talk. I just can't!

So throughout the whole dinner, i was so nervous .. didn't really eat. Just sat there and wait for my turn. It was so torturing!!! And when they announce my name, i 'glided' to the rostrum ' dengan gorgeousnyer'. And i gave my vogiu speech .. which i can't really recalled what i said. But one thing for sure, i think i did not embarrass myself up there ... guarrr? lol ;p

Can you give speech? I mean not those pre-scripted ones?
Can you?


  1. You should have said:
    "I give my speech in dance form".

  2. william .. err.. i'm not used to dance next to a rostrum worr.. if they put a pole, then lain cerita lah lol ;p

  3. One rule that I follow, give many compliments, especially to the organizer and to the crowd and the speech will be appreciated! ;)

  4. do u able to perform like a diva?

  5. see u next week .. haiyooo

  6. yor... how can u not remember wat u talk about one? hahahahhaa

  7. ant .. of cos i know i must compliment the organizer and stuffs.. but they just dont want to come out form my mouth :(

    l .. err.. i dunno worr. hv to ask those who listened to my 'speech' lo ;p

  8. anonymous .. see u too.. but u mana satu huh?

    bong .. dunno la.. my mind just went blank.. not everyone can give speech one la.. just like not everyone can dance in public ;p

  9. Can, impromptu speech, no problem.

  10. Gaga speech! Tell them they have poker face because they are born this way. Use their telephone to call Judas and Alejandro.

    Tell them that you are having a bad romance and all the Paparazzi start clicking their flash!


    Perfect don't you think? lol~

  11. paul .. yerr.. so good one.. cos i dah gelabah when i on the way to the rostrum

    ian .. can i ask u to be my scriptwriter next time ahh? kamsia in advance :)) but horr.. i dun have bad romance wor.. ;p

  12. What a bombastic word - sevogiu-vogiunyer !! What it means dei?

    I am so thick skinned and can give speech in front of 1000 people. Sap Sap water! Let me be the MC at your wedding ok.

  13. twilight .. i dun have such high self confidence like u ma...:(


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