Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dumb & dumber

I was having my lunch at McD when i over heard this very interesting conversation from the table next to mine. There this 2 Ah Moi ( blonde hair, in their earlier 20s ) whom i think working for some slimming centre talking about one of their customer :

Blonde A : Eh, this morning your customer ... very rich horr? Sign up so many courses.

Blonde B : Ya la. She said she'd not from KL. She's from that country in between Sabah and Sarawak. What is that country ah? I forgot already.
( Me in my heart : Brunei la .. bodoh. ;p )

Blonde A : Err, i oso dunno la. I think it's Jawa.
( Me : fainted! )

What happened to the young people nowadays huh?
Or it's just they have to act dumb cos they are blonde? ;p

Luckily there's no this type of people in my circle. Or else sure kena laser kau-kau one. ;p


  1. didn't turn around and tell them meh? "Brunei la, bodohs". :P

  2. Must be the hair chemical they used to color their hair.

  3. Most of them can't even tell you who their respective Sultans are, where Kelantan is situated and the names of some state capitals. Makes you wonder what the hell they are teaching in school these days. :s

  4. Luckily the two girls still know there is a country in between Sarawak and Sabah... not answer South China Sea... ;p

    There is one blonde that i met in Canada decades back... he was argued with me in between Thailand and Singapore is South China Sea. later he asked me where exactly is Malaysia, the country where i'm from ... I nearly fainted on the spot. ROTFL

  5. Maybe they slimmed their brains too much.

  6. errr, what about always thought England is the capital city of London?? LOL

  7. bimbotic!
    it's good to have an ego boost sometimes. :D

  8. dumb blondes that's the word...how did they ended up with Jawa? haha

  9. bong .. i am a very well mannered person .. i only curse in my heart...lol ;p

    chenxing .. i think so la.. so the salah kan? ;p

    anton .. sometimes oso a bit sakit hati looking at the young ppl ..

  10. tz .. i'm not surprise with the mat salleh lo.. cos most of them really dunno where is malaysia .. near africa kot ;p

    savoir . like their attitude?

    william .. i think they should slim down the face and the waist a bit oso...lol ;p

  11. sk .. err.. at least that far away la..;p

    deicidal .. yup.. real bimbo ;p

    adrian .. kan? of all places.. why Jawa? i oso dunno ;p

  12. Real blonde are not dumb, but that cannot be said for their peroxide-induced counterpart.

    Despite our PM's effort to made Malaysia known to the world, it is indeed sad to note that after hosting the 2nd biggest sporting event (Commonwealth Game), having the tallest building, world class badminton and squash players, F1 circuit, etc, etc.... the only countries Westerners can think of when mentioning S.E.Asia are Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam but never Malaysia. Where is Malaysia? It's between Singapore and Thailand. Oh, so it's in Indonesia!!!

  13. they really say that? btw, this entry made me LOL!


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