Tuesday, July 26, 2011

一發不可收拾 !

Big Mouth is currently in the SICK MODE. :(

All the nonsense / small sickness that i suppose to have within the 2 months came out together. Sore throat, running nose, insomnia, digesting issue, etc.

Luckily i still have 2 days to rest before starting my Raya VM projects. Going to see doctor now. Hopefully i'll be vogiu again by tomorrow. ;p

Everyone, take good care of yourselves. :)

現在的我,多麼的希望 ‘財多身子弱‘ 這句話。。。是真的!!!!!


  1. You too. Get well soon !!!

  2. explosive gas also?

    get well soon. ;)

  3. I hate Insomnia!!! Anyhow, take care la. And I'm sure you'll keep voguing till the final second..lol

  4. get well soon danny. :)

  5. luckily ur STD didnt come out together~ lol... kidding

  6. oh no .. it's 12:50am now. Better go to sleep before i gotten the explosive gas.

    Dude, get well soon eh~

  7. chenxing . thanks .. much better after a marathon sleep. :)

    bong .. ya worr.. produce more gas than usual .. so busy bombing only ;p

    ky .. welcome back .. y? u oso got insomnia ah? i guess vogiu ppl like us got the same sickness horr? lol ;p

  8. savoir .. thanks .. much better now :) u oso cheer up :))

    l .. that one i'll leave t to u ;p

    tz .. u think my bomb so powerful meh? only strong enuff to fill up a room la...lol ;p

  9. What a big fire! You must be really hot inside! Get well Danny.

  10. twilight .. what u mean i'm really hot inside? my outside not HOT meh? lol ;p


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