Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Found 2 boxes of decorative butterfly from the previous display in my storeroom. Since i'm still looking for the headgear for my theme class ( dress code : colorful ) next week, so i tried to create something with it. And below are the 'ingredients' :

Rama-rama ( beberapa ekors )
Cat warna ( beberapa botols )
Maska muka ( 1 keping, tapi kalau kepala besar boleh guna 2 ;p )
Manik berlian ( se'bling' yang boleh )
Tangan yang vogue ( sepasang )
Otak yang vogue ( se???.. excuse me, what is the penjodoh bilangan for OTAK huh? )

Ladies and gentlemen, aqua and diva sekalian, may i present to you, my new custom made headgear :


Ada vogue? Now have to crack my head looking for the baju to go with the headgear. Any suggestions?

Hope that it will stand out in the class next week. And i really enjoyed creating accessories / props for myself. Save money and definitely won't be the same as others. :)

p/s : i still got a some FREE passes for trial workout at the gym. Siapa mau?


  1. 你穿的衣服要用魔术贴了,比较方便。

  2. If you only wear leaf on ur private parts, it's perfect ady... loL~

  3. no need to think lah, you sure win already lah.. so vogue and so beautiful~~

  4. Later in class you will be fluttering around?

  5. OMG有VOGUE到liao这次!!!!!

  6. Really very nice leh....u so creative!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dude, you gave me free pass i haven't use it yet. Will the pass expired?

  8. danny.....

    meriah....thats truly vogue but then how you wanna use it while you were jumping2 and sweating from top to toe....butterfly become wet lei..........

    nak pass tu, wanna see how you splash your vogueness in class and see the complain bitch also.....

  9. single .. velcro? no need la.. cos i'm not going to undress on stage.. normal one will do :)

    ian .. gd idea! but the problem is, my whole body is private.. meaning i shld cover all lah kan? lol ;p

    sk .. unfortunately,, i'm the instructor.. cannot participate in best dressed.. just need to lead a good example to the members lo

  10. william .. see lo.. see if there's any nice 'flower' in the garden worth fluttering or not la...lol ;p

    alan .. i bring voguerfly.. then u bring net la.. we play chase chase at pyramid .. 朴蝶

    keo .. u want to wear it the next time u perform? can feel a bit like gaga lerr...

  11. tz .. no expiry date... but when lah u want to use it harr? ;p

    nas .. give me ur contact deardanny@yahoo.com
    then i'll pass it to u la.. we same same ampang.. very near only .. btw, whats the penjodoh bilangan for OTAK?

  12. er... sorry leh... i tak tau where i put the pass u gave me ler... T.T

  13. bong .. u still got face to tell me that horr? how dare you ? ;p

  14. poke deep? i scare walk walk ha i poke guy lor... LOL!!!

  15. shin .. tqtq.. i also thought of having something plain black.. to contrast with the colorful head :)

    shin .. well.. i'm no surprise lo.. n i will forgive u.. dun worry...lol ;p

  16. So vogue dan cantik. Colorful somemore. I like!!!
    Otak...sebiji? sesikat? hehe.
    SURE WIN!!!

  17. ky .. sesikat? can u stop thinking about pisang just for a while? ;p u can borrow for ur coming annual dinner.. go shock them la..lol ;p

  18. OK, u keep baik2 just in case I want to borrow next time.

  19. ky .. dun worry.. i sure will... diva n diva mesti saling tolong menolong kan? ;p


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