Monday, May 5, 2008

Cos i know...

Still remember what you said when you were small?
What you want to be when you grow up?

I knew that i will be a BIG MOUTH when i grow up...
So i practise hard to get the perfect millon dollar smile...WUAHAHAHAHA

It's obvious rite?


  1. wow.....u still hv this pic? u see i am so "tall" & "slim" that time....u know who is the one wearing long gold skirt?

  2. Har?? where am I? yvo, wah, u look like ms chinese tat time worr..

    ko u see, last time u like to smile, smile more la now...

  3. the gold color?? let me guess, should be our lao bu la, see the hand.. she likes to stand with that pattern.. hehe..

  4. Once I met with my Kindergarten teacher and she told me that I loved to say that my ambition is to be a BUTLER!.. Yes.. Omg.. I cant believe it!.. BUTLER?!.. Dammit!..


  5. omg.. u look so cute in the pic. that's so adorable..

    looking at u now, 真是小时了了,大未必佳。

  6. yvonne & jenice....found it in my album...and yes! she is wa lang eh lao buuuu..... wonder i know y u r a power caze

    wayne...u r right..:
    小时了了,大未必佳 ﹣是他媽的很夠冷拆佳。哈哈 。
    ( dun worry if u dun understand ;p )

  7. i understand... very 'rough' leh.. ;p

  8. thats the BIG MOUTH curse..
    wait a minute...Shin...i tot u r a little innocent come u understand? ;p

  9. hahaha.. i still love your smile

  10. bee...u r the most 'warm blooded' one among the bunch ;)

  11. i am innocent... but i am not 无知少女...

  12. 批著羊皮的母狼。哈哈。


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