Sunday, May 18, 2008

What if ?


The above phrase is the most common one ( in the Chinese society ) to describe the parents' hope on their children. Wish that their kids will succeed in their life and fly high like dragon and phoenix.

But, what if...?

What if i choose not to fly up high?
What if i just want to stay on the ground and do the best i can, to live the life that i want?

Can i?

I want to be a horse...
I don't need to fly up high..
I just want to have the total freedom to run with all my heart for my dreams..
With your blessings...


  1. be a stallion. sounds better n more elegant.

  2. i dun need all that super power and super outlook..i just want to be a normal all the normal things...;)
    not a great dreamer ..

  3. simplicity is the best policy!

    wish me safe journey! thank you.

  4. agree agree...simplicity is the easiest thing to say but the hardest thing to achieve. still working on it..

    enjoy your single trip la..孤單旅行。

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  6. is a good thing to choose not to fly up high coz the trouble with aiming for the stars is tat u can easily end up in the was difficult, I love the idea of aiming high..i really do!But I know from my own life tat big ideas can often lead to a big fat nothing..tat's bcoz big can be scary..for me, just the thought of starting a new course is enuf of a challenge..doing is another story doing it now!! no matter how difficult will be just remember focus on ur own life n own goals..dun push to hard on it :)"做到老学到老" :p

  7. celine...great spirit :)

  8. 孤单旅行。。。你要我4个小时车程不断repeat这首歌吗???


  9. 不懂得苦中作樂,那才叫﹣可悲。
    enjoy every moment..cos u r alive. :)

  10. simplicity is not simple...

    hope i can get it someday

  11. The day you run out of ideas on how to write an EMO post, thats the day you get it. ;)


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