Friday, May 23, 2008

Call me 'Tauke'..

Yaaaaayy...finally, i can open my current account..and get my own cheque book. It might sound nothing to you. But for people like me, who do freelance, it's very difficult for us to open that account. Cos we don't have salary slip, no company back up, no permanent income.....I've been meeting up with that officer for few times before this. She keep on rejecting my application cos i got not enough materials to submit. And also i don't know anyone who can be my introducer. But thanks to this Indian lady officer at Klang branch. She told me to apply it online. No introducer or statements needed. I tried. And i got it thru. Thank you very much.

Now i can be like those TAUKEs, signing off cheques for payments. So shioook...:)

BTW, something funny happened in the bank. I was sitting at one corner waiting for my number to be called. Then came this matured chinese guy, and asked me :

" 青見 女,邊度囉號碼?”

I thought he was talking to other people. But there's only me. So i replied :

“ 前邊 ” ( in my heart : Uncle, 你有病啊?)

p/s : Luckily i'm more matured than Shinji - sikit-sikit., mahu tunjuk kuku ;p


  1. hahahhahah why must u put tht pix...u wanna indicate tht u look like 如花 issit..

  2. 是﹣貌美 ‘如花‘。

    never tot that i will be called leng lui..really blind la..

  3. U really want me to laugh until fall from the chair la.. izzit? =P


  4. im tellin the truth...tak life is actually a funny meh? ;(

  5. 都怪你过份美丽。。。 hehehehe

  6. 我笑到不行。哈哈哈哈哈哈~
    别难过,你很man的。 ;p

  7. i'm so soli :(...i couldn't restrain my laughter me pls!!
    so after tat...did u go n ask him y called u leng lui??lol..打烂砂盆问到地!

    no worries, u got a handsome face may be the uncle really "老花&色盲" :p

  8. dor...u really supporter wo..;))

    shin...yerr... my first time being called leng lui..geng yin give to an mm jai ahh....

    celine..handsome face...i think u and the uncle same country one (同一國) - blind ..;p

  9. when u said tat, i had to agree(blind):( the way,i found tat all leng chai r gays..r u??may be the uncle is gay le :p

  10. nothing is definite.

  11. oii ah suk, y u wanna involve me?? at least no one face to face call me leng lui mar... memang divalicious!!!

  12. but what will u do if really someone call u leng lui?
    tunjuk kuku ?? :P LOL

  13. Maybe i'll kick his kuku instead....

  14. 君子動口不動手。。
    wait a minute..kick ah?
    動腳? ok ok..


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