Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Me & Myself

I realised that something weird is happening to me lately.
I tend to talk to myself when i'm alone, or when i'm thinking of something, or when i have nothing to do. Not sure if it is normal, but the frequency of me talking to myself is really freaking me out...a bit.

Especially when i drive alone, listening to the radio. I talk to the DJ, i respond to the radio commercial and i 'drama' along with the songs, as if i'm in their MV. Strange right? I only realised that everytime when i'm half way doing it, then i qucikly stop it. Ask myself to SHUT UP AND DRIVE ( nope, it's not Rihanna's, this is more serious ).

Maybe that is a certain voice inside me that need to be released. The powerful voice that is out of control sometimes. But i hope somehow it will help me, giving me the strength along the way to reach my dreams.

So, if you see me talking alone, don't be scared or looked at me one kind. It's just me and myself, having a good time.


  1. 自己一個人所以寂寞嗎?至少在那個時候,我們可以好好與自己相處。

  2. Actually I'm also like that at times, don't see anything wrong with that ;)

  3. crayn...i enjoy that moment...but just a bit surprise cos the frequency is quite high...what happened to my real world??? next time when we meet up , ma need table for 4 lo...;p hahaha

  4. 独居老人的悲哀。。

  5. 日會落,花會謝。


  6. 我常常都会跟自己讲话。。可能是习惯了。。没什么感觉了。。也不会觉得怪怪。。哈哈。。你也可能要习惯习惯下咯。。=P


  7. 和自己说话很正常啊。很多人都有这样的经历啦。放心,大家都很‘正常’。 呵呵~

  8. thanks Shin, that means a lot to me....sob sob...


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