Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Now i know....

Saw this billboard along Federal Highway :

Now i know why it's a bit hard for me to get what i want ( doesn't mean that i am a LOSER ! )...cos my problem is..:

" I think too many steps ahead, and forgot to take the very FIRST STEP ! "

But what if i take the wrong step, OR step on the wrong timing...OR...
( see what i mean? Big Mouth..don't think too much. Jalan aje la ;p )


  1. hey, you thought about every step wisely before moving on,
    nothing's wrong with that.

    but, we are all flesh-made human being, sometimes, we just have to follow our heart and be happy.

    well, what's even harder is to believe and hold on to whatever blunt decision you have made.

    but if it makes you happy, why not?

    keep up the great work of your blog, its my daily mental meal.

    xx biao-biao-biaaaaaaooooo

  2. lovely biaobiao...
    glad that you are back..shld be bz wif ur new job rite?
    anyway, u r rite. tak sangka u go there onli mess than 2 years but ur thinking is really matured. how r u now? 36? 37? ;p

  3. we can think many steps, but to move the 1st step is very important. Being successful, must take the risk... wrong step is the risk..

  4. ya lo ya lo..thats y i keep on thinking about the 1st step....

  5. yup, agree with wat win-ni said human beings are infinitely adaptable,just follow ur heart and be happy..and remember if u think u can..u can!! :)

  6. if u think u can..u can ( so the direct selling or insurance motto )

    to be honest...that is the LAMEST phrase i've ever heard...hahah...jangan marah ya, just telling the truth ;)


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