Wednesday, May 14, 2008


See if you agree with me..

So-called beauty ~ apply a lot of things on their face to get compliments
Real beauty ~ walk out with confident even with their bare face

So-called rich man ~ wear branded stuffs and expensive jewelleries to show off
Real rich man ~ donate to those who is in need to make his life experience richer

So-called teacher ~ pass down all her knowledge to the students
Real teacher ~ teach and learn from the students to get more knowledge

So~called parents ~ buy cute toys and nice clothes for their children
Real parents ~ grow up together with their children

S0-called ME ~ arrogant, bitchy and sometimes unfriendly
Real ME ~ extremely shy, friendly, creative, optimistic, jovial, stubborn, hot tempered and....... bitchy !!!!
( pls let me know if i missed out anything wo.;p )


  1. ehh how come the pix with the bear bear looks abit abit 变态... lol

    Anyway, great post~

  2. ooii...mau kena kah?

    but...i want to know more from u about me ;)
    good n bad

  3. be more exact look like 金鱼叔叔 saying "妹妹来叔叔给你熊熊玩" hahahhahaha...

    well u didn't seem bitchy (or anything u said) to me at all... just a very kind hearted & down to earth individual...enough said ;)

  4. doreen...thanks for the compliments...but a bit fake horr...cos i sendiri pun tak percaya ;p
    ( me 犯賤, dun like ppl say gd things abt me , lol )

  5. that's y i am so "niao", not buying good toys & clothes for my kids.....coz i want to be a good parent....

  6. NOLA i'm kidding u're the most arrogant bitch I've ever met! But I like you for who you are, satistied??? hahahaha

  7. yvonne...ya lo..then we buy for them lo..

    doreen..thats more like it

  8. u n me not really friends, can say we r only nodding comment..just to know tat u very 'zhi zheng' :p

  9. celine...u mean 姿整 issit?
    adui...look at my job la...presentation is the most important element..myself and the brand ;)

  10. just kidding la...u r friendly and nice k at least u r not like somebody else...friendliness was only pretence.

  11. pandai nya cik celine bertutur..nanti mari collect payment ya ;p

  12. 块脸都几油喔。。。

  13. wayne...不夠油煎蛋可已跟我要。


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