Friday, May 16, 2008


昨天和朋友到Pavilion逛。走著走著就進了間branded boutique。那位sales姐姐一看到衣著casual的我們,就很不爽的走過來。問她東西就要答不答的應酬我們。而且態度極差。看了一下我們就走了。當我朋友問我為什麼那些人態度可已這麼差的時候,我就對他說:








  1. 最讨厌这种一般见识的sales屎 !!!!

  2. yaloh..hate this type of ppl but wat can we do?? just walk away only lo :( apa then?? tat's y i dun like to go in all this branded boutique to see all this ppl who r considered to hv a low social position :p
    woww..i feel tat my 'language' imporve a lot after read ur blog..(super white)not bad i can understand already haha..thx for sharing :p

  3. sales assistant is always like that.

    when i was shopping few days ago, they were super n overly passionate in serving me n my sis since v carried too many stuff that v bought earlier..


  4. dorchusielia...i always tot that u r a banana..tak sangka u know chinese

    celine...improve ur language here? bad choice..cos i only teach NONSENSE...btw, u can know scold ppl superwhite in front of their face..cos they might not know what's the meaning..;p good..not like me..if i carry a lot of paperbags ( branded ), they tot i am just a stylist..borrow clothes from shop to shop..;(

  5. HAHAHAHA wat laa u pre-fix my name like that... I where got look like banana, purely chinese ed ;)

  6. dcsl...creative le...dun think ppl will understand that name ;p
    u can continue to pretend as a banana..then u'll know when ppl trying to talk abt u... in chinese ;)

  7. gooooooooooood idea ;)


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