Thursday, May 22, 2008

From now on...

It was a good day for me..till just now.

I called my friend to inform her that there are certain things that she did was not correct. At least i felt so. I told her that cos we are close and i know that i am better than her in that part. But what did i get in return ?

She raised her voice at me saying that she know what is going on. And she is very sure that she did the thing correctly. So i kept quiet. We did not argue but i won't say that it was a good conversation. Honestly i am a bit disappointed, cos this is not the first time. Normally when she need some advise in that matter, she will check with me. And now she just treat me like an used info-counter.

Sometimes i wonder if i am should stop sharing or taking care of her, since she is now GROWN UP.

Ah... what the f*ck !
From now on..U 'LUM' U . I will just take care of my own things.
So long, farewell.


  1. dan...don't be so upset... it's not tht she didnt appreciate ur advice, probarly she realised it but cudn't let the rational part take over her ego,hence became's not you okay...
    I say this bcoz I dont want you to close urself up,stop sharing or caring, and leave out all the 酸甜苦辣 moment in your life. When we open up ourselves we're bound to get hurt in some ways...being hurt doesn't mean we are weak, it just show how much of a human being we are. I rather have someone disagree with me than having someone agree with me all the time but didn't mean a thing.I've been thru it b4 & I hope you feel better soon =)

  2. dor...tak sangka u so rational...;p
    i onli close my door to her...then i find another VICTIM

  3. ok since u can joke meaning u're OKAY LOR, waste my energy sajah...

  4. ahhh....that "watak utama" is not me ar....i never argue with my biaokho...

    but, give her some time to be with herself. she's probably going thru the motions, when she have a clearer mind, im sure she'll be the girl you once knew.

    sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. :)

    love you biaokho-kho-kho-kho...(echo from the gua gunung)

    xx biaomei

  5. biaomei...

    sometimes, i really miss the time when we were doing the D2Fame thing...just fun..not much worries...guess this is what we have to face when we grow matured la...

    missssssssss you very muuuuuuuuuuuch...



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