Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) - EXPOSED!

Don't worry, there won't be any X-Rated pictures in my blog.

I saw this billboard of Bernice Liu for Marie France at the traffic light junction somewhere in USJ. While waiting for the green light, i can't help looking at her, posing in this beautiful beaded blue dress ala mermaid. SUDDENLY...jeng jeng jeng......

My LASER EYES sensed something...something wrong...something that is not suppose to happen...

Dengan tidak disangka-sangka, i saw this little SAFETY PIN ( at least 5cm lenght on the billboard ) on her dress...OMG, the designer forgot to touch up the image before send out for printing...

I thought 'international' company only do 'international' class thingy...;p
Mana tau.....

So do check it out if you happened to see one of their billboards...;)


  1. wah..ur laser eyes very "劲" lo...这样都给你看到!!may be this time is not international company to for them le..."cut cost"

    can see on their billboard last time is "钟丽緹"..prefect on the billboard,

    after her is a miss malaysia(i think)..prefect on the billboard but the model very X till i dun remember who is she,

    then now is "廖碧兒"..model ok but mistake on the billboard..

  2. whatever 妖精oso cannot escspe from my 法眼.
    BIG MOUTH enjoy seeing others make mistakes..hahaha ( 心理不平衡 )

    i think u meant Andrea Fonseca ( Ms Malaysia )

  3. walau.. u need or not...
    see something until that sharp, laser mouth laser eyes, what else got laser one??

  4. now i know y u (心里不平衡) coz ppl is leng lui u call ppl "妖精" sigh...

    yup, is Andrea Fonseca :)

  5. shinji...thats y i normally not free at night...cos need to perform laser show

    celine...i mean 妖精in general...not her la..
    she is ok..i like her too ;)

  6. omg..
    laser mouth + laser eyes = 妖精OA

    hopefully i wont meet u somewhere in kl.. otherwise i ll b scanned thru and criticized badly by u...

    let's pray.

  7. oh no!!掺啦。。leng lui in general call 妖精 then how abt 唔靓咯!!

  8. wayne...u dun hv to be worried....unless u ...r 妖精 too ;p..long arm long leg one...

    celine....唔靓 ones need to talk about la ..:)

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  10. problem?..ada..
    my problem is too cerewet ;p

  11. Ehem.... Uncle Danny, souvenir from JaPaN for ur nephew????


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