Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Trespassing !

Do you have a certain part of your daily life that you think it's the best to keep it to yourself..and only yourself? Maybe things that you are embaressed of, things that you regreted, your weakness, something that you hated...or...i don't know. And you always put on the 'NO TRESPASSING' sign when people want to talk or discuss about it.

I have my 'NO TRESPASSING' zone as well..that i wish you will stand behind the line...
Let me see...

~ DO NOT ask me about my financial status...cos i don't know how to explain..and not so sure about it myself
~ DO NOT ask me about my future plan...cos i really don't know..and don't feel like sharing it with you
~ DO NOT ask me if i want to be a millionaire , by joining your direct selling / insurance scheme...big NO-NO for me !
~ DO NOT pretend that you care by giving me lectures about life and love...i know what i want
~ DO NOT ask me to shut up ..... cos I JUST CAN'T !

So next time if you see me giving you the funny or uncomfortable face, pandai-pandai stop asking or go away,...before it turn to be a 'CRIME SCENE'. ;p

Thank you for your co-operations.


  1. it's so cool that u know what kind of future u want. it sounds like u have got what u want in life.

  2. Yup I agree, certain things are best kept to urself. so tht u won't have to explain urself so much when things changed or didn't go accordingly.
    I canot stand ppl who constantly wants to dig or ask abt money or P&C matters. There's 2words for it -八婆。

  3. wayne...u will know urs once you are ready for it..dun worry..u r still young...enjoy life for a bit..then only think of the future..( never too late for anything..)

    dor...ehh , i very sensitive with the last 2 words le...;p

  4. haha really....dun worry not talking abt u =D

  5. 硼口人忌硼口碗。。。

    don't say big head, short legs, kepoh, front of me...

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