Sunday, August 8, 2010

cry baby, cry ...

Went to Di's birthday dinner last night. It was fun and cozy, just four of us. Eat and chat, laser and bitch around. From the dinner, i discovered that i have quite a lot of similarity with the other girl.

We both have the COLD BITCH look. ( very obvious )
We both enjoy watching Madonna's concert. ( DVD only la, not the real one ;p )
We both like to decorate the house ourselves.
We both love shoes.
Then surprisingly, we both tend to cry / have tears in our eyes easily.
And we both are not EMO people.

Yup, i 'tear' easily. Listening to songs, watching TV commercial and movies. Or maybe when i saw something touching, or very 'GRAND' ( 壯觀 ) and gave me goose-bumps. Anything that 'inspired' me will make me feel like crying. Just a form of me expressing my gratitude i guess.

Are you a ' crying' person?
And do you look like one?



  1. danny aka 刘雪华? choi !!!

  2. 男人眼泪不轻弹,只是未到伤心时

  3. I'm a crying person.... easily touched especially watching crying movies..

  4. Can you do "crocodile tears"? Comes in handy le. :P

  5. 哭泣是很好的减压方式。不管挫折,失败,开心,痛苦,流泪后,心也平静下来。。。

  6. I wish human don't have any sad emotion...

  7. lol.. good lacrimal glands! :P

  8. I will cry when my eyes are so tired after hours of staring @ the computer screen :p

  9. same here. tears drop when see the touching part of the drama/movie.
    very agree with 'single', bcoz i experienced before.

  10. l .. no la.. that one level too high oledi.. i can't cry in 10 seconds yet ;p

    paul .. ooo dun get me wrong.. most of my tears are tears of happiness :)

    pikey .. next time can go movie together la.. see who can hold it better lol ;p

  11. william .. no la.. i dun do tears to trick others one.. i have other tactics ...hahaah

    single .. totally agree.. so shock after a crying session.. feel so fresh ;)

    ian .. oh no.. u wont know the happiness if u dun know the sad ;p

  12. bong .. so technical one.. i prefer u say i am a person with emotion lo ;p

    tz .. sounds a bit .. cold horr? ;p

    shin .. yup yup.. next gathering maybe we do that ;p

    kokhua .. join the club then :)

  13. I like emo song, but i can hardly cry.....hmm

  14. keo .. so we r totally opposite lah? cos i dun like emo songs but cry easily ;p


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