Wednesday, August 18, 2010

anything but ...

I was standing outside of the studio, checking on the timetable. Then one 'che-che' ( not regular member ) passed by and stop behind me.

Che-che : Morning. You are Danny right?

Me : Morning. ( nodded and smiled )

Che-che : Haha. Just now i thought who is this guy. Wah, you look really different when you are on the stage conducting class horr? On stage you look so different, and now you look so ORDINARY. I almost can't recognize you.

Me : Huh? Really? ( This is another shocking statement received after the 38 incident ;p )

Che-che : Oh don't get me wrong. It's a compliment.

You know lah, as someone who always hunger for attention like me, it's really devastating when people call you ordinary. ;p
Do you see yourself as someone ordinary or you are actually special?

My life motto :


  1. Well, even celebrities will look plain without their makeup and styling.

  2. 人怕出名豬怕肥, i guess you do not want to be the focus of everyone all the time right?? it's good to be ordinary sometimes..

  3. ppl 稱讚u...should happy...

  4. she said its a compliment leh... :P

  5. 人在江湖,你会享受站在台上,接受别人的掌声和称赞。下了台,别人还认得你,表示你成功了。

  6. william .. thats y i tried to look my best at all time.. with or without touch up ;p

    sk .. luckily its just a che-che.. i dun really mind.. as long as not my ;p

    stacey .. ya la.. but the compliment sounds a bit salah lo ;p

  7. bong .. i know.. but just a bit shock. need a few moment to digest before can take the compliment ;p

    single .. thats y i always tried to make an impression whenever i can lol ... very kiasu ;p

  8. 送首歌俾你:



  9. Ordinary = dun look like a monster lor. lolz

    Someone recently told me that Lady gag looks hideous without the makeup.

  10. agree what SK said....gud to be ordinary off the stage....XD

  11. Gosh, you are always 'blushing', you sure you like the lime light?

  12. biaokho, you are the best candidate for my new brand....


    serious are the remix of
    ODD & Ordinary....

  13. chris .. haha.. that on used to be my theme song... but now cannot liao la... i over the lala period liao ;p

    ant .. the only difference between me and gaga is .. with or without makeup.. i still look ;p

    keo .. u r not kiasu ppl.. u dunno how i feel one la..hahaha ;p

  14. yaz .. but i am ok when i'm on stage wor.. maybe im more comfortable with spotlight than fluorescent ;p

    winni .. that brand of urs ahh... happy to be the face of it la.. but dunno when u want to 開張大吉 lerr? ;p


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