Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Do you like to call your friends or someone special by those 'manja' nicknames.
Honey? Darling? Pumpkin? Muffin? Piggy?

I extremely hate it when people call me those, especially the cute ones.
I am VOGUE, not CUTE. If you call me bitch or diva, i'll accept, cos it's true.
Below is a KISAH BENAR, to show how much i hate getting cute nickname :

Someone once tried to be manja with me...

" Hello, SoChu ( 傻豬 silly pig ) ... how are you today? "

And my direct response was :

" What's up, SoHai ( no need explain rite? ;p ) ... i'm fine, thank you. "

See? Very obvious how i react to those nicknames rite? ;p

What is the paling beh tahan nickname that people once gave you?
Those super geli that will make people next to you wanna vomit one. LOL :P

My attempt to take a CUTE picture of myself ... 2 or 3 years ago?
Cute or Puke ? ;p


  1. Wah... your reaction so extreme one... I don't think I have any saccharine-sweet nicknames.

  2. then is cute.. now is puke~ lol! kidding~

  3. 你的look 没问题啊,型仔。

  4. Cuteee with your cockiness.

  5. can i just call u bitch when i see u in the gym> hahahaha..

  6. Nasty when u call him sohai.. What is his response though..

  7. LOL...should take it as compliment..hhaaha

  8. alahai comel nye ur pic danny...... cutie mutie..... whahahahahaha

    well bitch is always being bitchy. Dun worry, ur bitch aura is stronger then cute aura. kekwat tau, reply ur fren panggil sohai....

  9. 最不喜欢听到别人称呼他的另一半叫傻猪或是dear,不知道为什么就是很beh tahan,'毛管冻'。

  10. william .. cos i really cannot tahan ppl calling me with those name.. very GELI ;p

    bong .. so next time i call u like that lo...;p

    ant .. huh? got glamer meh?

  11. pikey .. tqtq .. u got good taste...lol ;p

    ian .. what???? u wanna die issit? u wait la.. next time u come here......

    single .. tqtq.. u always so kind one.. and very HONEST...lol ;p

  12. paul .. wow.. a compliment from such a vogiu person like u... makes me wanna cry onli...lol ;p

    nana .. that one mesti la.. my signature attitude liao.. ppl will feel weird if i'm too nice to them.;p

    amezac .. err?

  13. eric .. be my guest.. and dun worry.. u are not the only one...lol ;p

    jerry .. funny la.. cos its really like matchy-matchy ma.. sochu vs sohai...lol ;p

    a.d. .. cannot la.. so geli ;p

  14. nas .. dah dilahirkan bitchy.. apa nak buat? takkan nak pretend friendly? ;p

    shin .. we same same channel one...so what u call ur bf? ' oii ' issit? lol ;p

  15. shin .. cool.. practical


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