Sunday, August 1, 2010


I won RM200 shopping vouchers the other day. So i when to the shop at Pavilion to use it before it expires. FYI, it was a shop that sells hip-hop / street / skaters kind of clothing. Meaning their clothes are slightly bigger and more loose that the normal clothing. And guess what? Their smallest size for t-shirt is M. Of cos it's too loose for me. The i decided to just get their accessories and sundries.

Got myself a sling bag, 2 belts and a Tee. ( it's loose but the graphics is nice ;p ) Went to the counter, and i still have RM30+ left. I pointed at the corner and asked the Chinese sale assistant :

Me : Do you have those flip-flop in size 9?

Him : Harr? Sorry?

Me : D flip-flop有無9號啊?

Him : ( looked at me, still puzzled ) 咩係flip-flop?

When i told my friend about the incident, he only gave me one word as conclusion : PRETENTIOUS!

Do you think i am pretentious?
Cos that's how we call when i was a fashion merchandiser.
Or is it my fault that there's actually difference between slippers and flip-flop?
Do you know?


  1. i dun think u r pretentious... coz some of the time i use "flip flop" too instead of "sandals" or "slippers"...

  2. 可能他真的不会那个叫法。

  3. Any difference with thongs?

  4. same meaning o. Why so big response? Thong is bit big word for slippers. hehehe

  5. errr, don't think any wrong with flip-flop woh.. anyway, maybe the promoter is new?? else he should know what he is selling right??

  6. Frankly, I dunno that, I'm not vogue! LOL

  7. hahaha. to me it's the same leh. wat's the difference wor? aiya... that salesgirl england not as good as u la, forgive her lor... they don know the different names of footwear lor. :P

  8. l .. i think sandals is different from slippers and flip-flop.. its more dressy :)

    single .. maybe la.. but thats how we call it in fashion merchandising ma..

    william .. err.. this one i am not sure.. but they looks same to me ;p

  9. nana .. cos i need to explain to him what the actual meaning.. i mean its his job to know what...;p

    paul .. this one i dun really use.. cos dun want to mix up with ;p

    sk .. he is the supervisor lerr.. or should i say england not so powderful supervisor..:)

  10. kokhua .. nvm la .. slowly u'll learn :)

    bong .. just imagine if i ask about thongs.. maybe he'll direct me to the underwear ;p


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