Monday, August 23, 2010


I have a habit of folding up the sleeve ( to make it shorter ) whenever i wear t-shirts. Not sure why, it's just my style. Maybe it makes my narrow shoulder looks broader. I didn't really think people will notice that until one day, SK told me about it.

He said whenever he passes by those window display with the folded sleeve on mannequin, his mind will just say :

" This is Danny's shirt ( 大嘴geh衫! ). "

Some people MUST wear belt.
Some MUST fold up the collar when they wear polo tee.
So what's your style?
What's your signature look?


  1. 我在公司穿拖鞋!(没冷气)

  2. I also will fold up the sleeves though I don't have killer biceps. :P

  3. oh really?? i did tell you about that?? haha.. i thot only myself and jovi know this "secret", hahaha~~ :p

  4. single .. at least ur company let u do that lo.. :)

    william .. i oso dun hv nice biceps... just try to make the body shape / proportion nicer..:)

    sk .. got lah.. u told me in front of cotton on pavilion... its not secret anymore lah ;p

  5. folding makes you stylo ma...

  6. i will fold up the sleeve if its too long..

    i will fold the collar if i feel like acting cool that time..

    i will wear belt if i feel my pants is too loose..

    i wont wear socks if i wanna be rugged..

    i wont wear underwear if i feeling sexy..

    i wont care what people think because i am who i am :P

  7. You memang pattern banyak la...
    My style will be anything that is able to get the license to kill~ ngek ngek ngek...

  8. my style is probably no style lol

  9. AD .. dunno .. i just feel that i look better with the folded sleeves :)

    bong .. then very good la.. cos u r more versatile.. can carry any look :P

    eric .. very long descriptions horr? the last statement is the actual ;p

  10. Bryan .. u berani ngek ngek ngek sini lagi huh? nampak uncle oso tak bagi salam. huh ;p

    Anthony .. that's probably ur signature style too.. ;)

  11. hey ya......

    similar lei kita.... but dunno how is ur fold sleeve one...but mine, if wear office wear, sure fold until above elbow.....ngeheheheheheh

  12. nas .. i normally dun wear long sleeve.. i'll just fold short sleeve to make it shorter ;p


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