Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm not a boy ...

Went out with friends born in 3 different eras ~ 60's (Y), 70's ( me ) and 80's (W).

As we were walking, Y told us that one of her friend can't wait to turn 45 years old, so that he is qualify to join Astro's Classic Song Competition ( I think he is only a couple years away from 45 ). And i also got a few friends ( in their 20's ) joined Astro Talent Search and 8TV's So You Think You Can Dance.

Then it made me think ...
In order to join ATS or SYTYCD or Malaysian Idol or even AF, you need to be under 30 years old. And as for the Classic Song Competition, you have to be over 45 years old. So what happened to those in their 30's? I mean ... like ME?

Where can i go, if i want to show my talent ( that is if i got any other talent, besides bitching lah ;p )?
People in your 30's, what should we do???

I'm not a boy, not yet an uncle ... i'm just stuck ...



  1. on the road.... blogging also can.... LRT also can.... shopping display window also can.....

  2. You're already the star of your own show.

  3. 我是90年代。

  4. u know, normally most ppl in their 30's r busy finding spouse if they havnt marry, busy finding ideal house after they get married, busy making babies after they settled down, busy baby-sitting after the baby borned.. n most important busy cari $$ to finance all the activities above..
    so, they mana ada masa untuk singing n dancing contest? haha^^

  5. 用中间的时间,充实自己,加强自己,
    机会一到,sure win !

  6. Stuck in the 70s... LoL

  7. nana .. no stop blogging for 10 years ahh? i think i am better in non stop bitching lo....hahaha ;p

    william .. wow.. big compliment.. but if possible.. i want to be star for other people's show as ;p

    alive .. dun too lansi ok? i oso young once...;p

  8. eunice .. making money is the basic.. but singing n dancing is passion.. how can we live without any passion lerr? ;p

    single .. is that what u r doing now? waiting for the right moment for 東山再起?? ;)

    tz .. why lerr?

  9. aint that good? you're not a boy, so you can have xxx... but you're not old, so kids wont call u uncle. lol

  10. 30s ah? Got! got competitions can join~ Send babies to babies competition lah~ Send dogs for dog competitions lah. many more lah~

  11. bong .. i actually dun mind my age.. cos i am proud of it :)..

    froggie .. no baby no dog.. can i send my pic instead? biggest mouth competition ;p


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