Monday, August 30, 2010

not so much a multitasker ;p

I always thought that i am very good at multitasking. Cos i can talk, walk and doing things with my hands at the same time. But when i'm too concentrate on my hands, silly things will just come out form my mouth.;p

I was setting up window display at One Utama. As i was busy putting on the window stickers, my friend called, asking me if i want to yumcha after the set up. So, with one hand adjusting the sticker, one hand holding handphone and my eyes on the sticker joining point, i said :

" Ok. Give me 30mins. Meet me at FUCK. "

" What? "

" In front of FUCK. "

I didn't realized that until my client asked me why i was so angry, cursing my friend?
So malu ;p

Do you think you are a good multitasker?

BTW, you know where is our meeting point rite? ;p


  1. yeah .... of course i m ! i can fb-ing , msn -ing , listening songs n working at the same time ! :)

    in front of FCUK ! (^_^)

  2. 忙的时候, 有时我也会一心多用,小心就好。

  3. depend on what are the task lor.. if eating+talking sure cannot, if talking+playing games then ok..

    FCUK pronounced as fu-chok~~

  4. wow, u are display artist!
    i used to work as display artist in sg for 1 yr :)

  5. Multitasking would be F*CKING and doing something else. :P

  6. hahahah..of course...
    meet me in front of F-C-U-K for a F*CK...maybe?? hahahah...

    cant wait for our long awaited k has been too long! since my farewell, is it?


  7. I can chat and work. I can sleep and talk. I can even laugh when I am sleeping. Multi enough?

  8. as long as u r not saying Ming is good enough d... remember u used to laugh at ppl??

  9. sexy .. you can do all that.. err. in front of ur computer.. try something else la.. ;p

    single .. i thought i'm always a careful guy...but sometimes oso do stupid things lol ;p

    sk .. so next time i shld say fuchok isiit? so taht i wont accidentally spell it wrongly again..? ;p

  10. 希爾門 .. yup.. for almost 10 years liao.. so u work for what type of merchandise?

    william .. u mean something like licking? moaning? touching..etc? ;p

    winni .. yup yup.. must write down the song list.. it will be our mini concert kan?

  11. nana .. wah? u can do so many things while sleeping huh? just hope that u dun sleep n drive ;p

    paul .. dun think so la.. i so vogiu..i oly fcuk n ;p

  12. try something else ? exp ?

  13. sexy .. dance n talk, eat and swim...etc... lol ;p

  14. only prooves one thing lor. something is complaining inside ur body. lol

  15. (+_+) ok ... i will try it out !

  16. bong .. inside my body? something like what huh?

    sexy .. n let me know the ;p


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