Monday, August 2, 2010


I have a habit that some people think that it's weird.

I love my perfume. I like to 'perfumed' myself whenever i go out. To classes lah, to meeting lah. to hang out with friends lah, i even wear perfume when i go out to the kopitiam to tapao mixed rice for lunch. Not sure why, but i just feel more comfortable whenever i am wearing perfume. Not that i have any B.O. problem hokay! ;p

Do you think that i am weird?
Or i am just wasting money? ;p
Or you are just another guy, same like me? :)


So, 要不要買咧?


  1. oohh... i think is good idea to giv him tat present.. not insulting but useful.. we only wan our fren to be better right? =D
    ei... i wonder u only use 1 particular perfume or different different 1?
    i think always wear perfume is not a pro..
    the pro come when u think tat fella is bath wif perfume.. [too strong la..]

  2. 现在说出来了,更明显

  3. Even for mixed rice? Wow. Not really a waste la. Better to finish a bottle of perfume then to let it lie around for years.

  4. maybe you get too dependent on perfumes until you are inconfident without wearing any..

    just get the perfume for him lah, it's actually quite common to give ppl perfume as present mah..

  5. Next time if u cannot afford perfume, u can mix syrup with soda water... then spray urself.... XP

    What is B.O. btw?

  6. i perfectly understand how u feel...if u go out without spray perfume.... feel naked right? my choice always Chanel... hehehe..

  7. hye i agree...smelling and looking your best is important... ;)

  8. perfume? no need lah, buy a dozen of deodorant would be better, just like what my classmate and me use to do to someone. haha!

  9. 我觉得你这样的习惯蛮不错的说~香香的,怎样都好过臭臭的。只要你自己喜欢,觉得舒服就好,^-^



  10. hello..coming by to visit your blog...

  11. hmmm... i wear perfume too. HUGO BOSS :p

  12. 绝对赞成送,方便又得体。

  13. Not weird at all. I love smelling nice too, but only squirt a lil for myself to enjoy ;)

  14. Danny, i don't mind you hurt me ... please buy me a bottle of perfume :)

  15. thats no weird la danny, almost all of us wear perfune. Whether cheap one or expensive one.

    I just maintain 1 perfume only as it can mixed well with ur body. If to much mixed2, later our body dont have the signature smell...kekekekekeke.....

    i like the perfume yang if i pass 5 minutes ago pun, that smell is still there..kekekekeke my other half always bising said dia sakit hidung when smell my perfume. Too strong.

  16. eunice .. i have 2 perfumes.. dif mood dif perfume... and nope.. they are not very strong type ;p

    ziyang .. nvm ma.. just discuss only.. its not that i mentioned any names here lol ;p

    william .. who knows who i might bump into when i tapao worr.. must be prepared 24/7 ;p

  17. sk .. i think so.. perfume is a MUST for me liao... too dependent liao ..:(

    ian . B.O. = body odour.. something that you and me oso dun have.. dun worry lol ;p

    paul .. kelasnyerr.. Cenel lagi... my current perfumes are Boss Selection and Lacoste ( dunno what name )

  18. a.d. .. rite? i always try to look in my best.. no matter where and when la.. touch wood if something happened.. i oso die ;p

    alan .. i always knew that u are a little guy with not so little devil in ur heart.. if u do that to me, i TURN FACE !!! ;p

    choocolate .. dif ppl take it differently ma.. cos if ppl give me mirror.. sure i curse him/her ;p

  19. claire .. thanks. feel free to drop by anytime lah :)

    tz .. me likey BOSS too.. m wearing Selection... used to like Soul... :)

    single .. now have to crack my mind to choose which one suitable liao...:(

  20. ant .. oo.. i like to SHARE it to the world worr.. make sure ppl can smell ;p

    duncan .. dun worry.. i wont hurt u like that.. since u r nice to me ( till now lah ) lol ;p

    nas .. i think i oso got the signature smell.. cos my colleagues used to smell the hallway to know wether i have arrived or
    too strong smell? ko guna perfume mak datin ye? lol ;p

  21. Personally I already have around 9 bottles of perfume, all different to suit different moods and situations. Planning to buy 2 more huhu.

    the fox needs to smell right in order to be alluring

  22. lil fox .. wow.. i guess u have lots of dif moods horr? based on the nos of perfumes u ;p


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