Monday, August 9, 2010


Yeah.. i totally hated that word, and do not wish that it will ever happen on me. Cos my body and mind were not designed to handle them.

Some might say that i am not sporting enough. But i'm just trying to minimize the damage, on me and them. Cos when i am presented with something unexpectedly, i will lose my vogiu-ness and start to act like idiot and talk nonsense. Then a few minutes after the shock therapy, i'll start to look for the organizer and and laser him kau-kau. So see? It's a lose-lose situation kan? ;p

But of cos, i don't mind watching people's reaction when they got the surprise. Cos that's probably the most genuine expression of him / her.

Do you like surprises?
I know i don't. ;p



  1. Depends on the surprise. I don't mind my bf surprising me with a luxury apartment for my birthday. :P

  2. lol~ depends on what surprise are u talking about too wui~ haha... Wed see if we can meet.. I'll be at Cititel.

  3. if the surprise makes shock like hell oh no..but if the surprise is ooo la la...then its fine...lolz...

  4. 总细啊,玩惊喜,无聊咯。

  5. lol... maybe next time act vogue lor. :P

  6. i wonder jugak..... ramai lei that dont like surprise...... sometime i like, but sometime i dont esp when the present that i get does not as what i expected....whahahahahhaa

  7. William .. oo.. that kind of surprise oso i dun mind la.. can give my contact of u know someone willing to do that ;)

    Ian .. aiyo.. cititel so far.. my class till 9pm at Pavilion la.. by the time i reached will be late liao lo ;p

    AD .. u wont know if its a good or bad surprise until u get it.. thats what i dun like ;p

  8. single .. ya lo ya lo.. mayb next time i will use this line to scold them.. lol ;p

    bong .. i am too shock to find the vogueness in me...;p

    nas .. from my experience... most of the surprises are things that u dun ;p

  9. then i cant give u surprise nextime lo??? hahaha, i like surprise wo....

  10. keo .. u still can give me surprise.. just inform me before that lol ;p


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