Sunday, August 22, 2010

banjir ...

I must say that the mamak near my place is very generous. Why? Cos i i tapao only 1 roti telur, and they gave me this :

kari ikan, dal & sambal ( maybe can they can see that i am a spice freak ;p )

Normally when i eat at mamak store, i have to ask them to refill the curry, just to satisfy my crave for spiciness. But this time, i can really call it : ROTI BANJIR ! ;p

Can you see my roti? Like banjir kilat.. or tsunami of curry. LOL ;p

See, when i was young, i love to eat rotic canai with sugar. And now, i love it with lots of curry and sambal. Eh!? It's just like me kan? SWEET when young and HOT now !!!

So, how you like your roti?

p/s : There's a joke among my friends and i. Cos i wrongly said that Madonna's "STICKY & SWEET" tour as " SWEET & SOUR" tour. So tak vogiu kan? lol ;p


  1. i like roti kosong with kari,
    no gula, no dal. Lebih pedas lebih bagus !

  2. haha vogiu lor... so HOT now... :P

  3. You pernah cuba roti canai empat segi?

  4. i thot that Roti Banjir is just your style?? maybe that mamak already know your style, so they give you more curry..

  5. The curry looks good. Which shop is this?

  6. I'm not a roti person. I prefer tosai. If the dhaal is good, I'll drink it like soup!

  7. Yeah ... hot like me ~

  8. yorr.. so scary la..
    it's curry roti aldy..
    i terbalik wif u..
    during my young time, i eat wif lot sambal, but now eat roti canai wif sugar d..
    mayb old d, can not tahan the spicy-ness..
    *hot chic when young , tender sweet lady now* haha^^

  9. single .. me likey too.. simple yet so satisfying.. if add sambal lagi syiok :P~

    bong .. of cos.. i am HOTTTTT ( must pronounce the 'T" sound secara ;p )

    yaz .. err.. roti telur is empat segi kan? or what roti is it? next time we go try :))

  10. sk .. no la.. i heard people order roti banjir at mamak store before.. only the 'flood' is not as 'bad; as ;p

    carpediem .. trust me, its really yummy.. mamak at bukit indah ampang lo ;)

    william .. then we cannot go mamak together.. or else we'll end up fighting for more curry dan dhaal ;p

  11. duncan .. i think everybody will agree that u r hotter la..

    eunice .. then we can go mamak together.. cos u can give me ur curry...:)))

  12. Hot and gooey now! hehe

  13. me too like to banjir my roti, but i prefer hand tearing the roti rather than chopping it with knife.

  14. ant .. i prefer hot and vogiu... tenkiu veli mac

    justin .. oic.. but i dun like to use hands wor. cos very messy.. later tak vogiu, how? ;p

  15. i only care about how much i can eat only, i dont care my image,

  16. wow~ if for me, i would rather keep the kari-zhap abit for next rice-meal~ yumyum~

  17. i just realise i long time didnt eat roti canai...hmmm, and nasi lemak..!!
    i miss those...

  18. justin .. cannot like that one.. i must act vogiu whatever i ;p

    anthony .. i cannot tahan lo.. must finish it.. feel satisfied :)

    keo .. u walk out ur house.. m sure there's mamak store nearby one :)

  19. itu roti banjir really too over la! U eat kuah or u eat roti :S

  20. freedom .. no over no over lah.. eat kuah.. sambil eat roti lo ;p


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