Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and the results ...

I walked in the studio and saw the GXC ( group exercise coordinator ) sitting at the corner.

Me : 阿靚, 做咩事啊?
( What's going on? )

GCX : Surprise! 無啦。今日要 evaluate 你 geh performance。
( Surprise! Nothing much. Just need to evaluate your performance today )

And you know what's the first reaction i gave her?
No, it's not that i am not ready or nervous or what... but ...

Me : Harr? 做咩不早點講? 我著靚D嘛。
( Harr? When didn't inform earlier? So that i'll wear nice-nice marr. )

See? Very sampat rite? I should have worried about my performance, but instead .. i was thinking on what's i'm wearing. Once a diva, always a diva i guess, looks always come first. ;p

After the class, i went to see her for the result. Guess what? My average marks is 8.8/10 !!! Very the unexpected lo. And i even got a perfect 10 for punctuality. ( Cos i normally arrive at the gym 1 hour earlier before my class. )



  1. wah! congratz! distinction wor! :P

  2. well done ! proud of u ..... :)

  3. haha...wear "nice-nice"...i think i shall pick up some attitude from you...

    if you teach the latino butt shaking song...sure 11/10


  4. bong .. tqtq.. tak sangka lo.. must buy her dinner ;p

    william .. thanks.. so interested to try my class? :)

    sexy .. wow.. tq.. it feels really different to make people ;p

  5. single .. other things maybe not la..but daning i think i am quite confident geh :)

    winni .. from now on i will try to wear nice-nice everytime.. who knows.. got other opportunity? u too ok? ;p

  6. when i read it.... i was laughing......... the appearance jugak that you think ya...haduih.......

    Diva always it so much......
    keep up the divaness uols....... vogue is your middle name tau

  7. nas .. no la.. i think my middle name is bitch.. ;p vogue is too good for me lah ;p


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