Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Yasmin and Win-ni came to my house this afternoon. Since we have nothing to do, i took out my photo albums ( pictures from my secondary school days till now ) and gave them a shock/joke of their life. Below are the 2 pictures with the highest shocking rate ...

Which one you like the most? The "Geometric hairstyle" or The " Lala " look?


W.O.W. = Worst Of the Worst


  1. Very 经典wo........hahaha
    the lala look i saw b4 liao lar..
    the geometric hairstyle i tried b4, when i was 7-8 year-old...lolz

  2. there is nothing else i can say, just OMG OMG OMG!

  3. i will definately go for the LaLa look..
    the pose n expression.. OMG. ^^
    i think next time when i feel upset, i can come n look at these pic.. ^^

  4. Un bi li bu lu(Unbelievable).But, still looked nice.

  5. actually the left hand side one OK woh, i like that.. the right hand side one, errr, i give you 4 words lah - 不甘恭維~~ :p

  6. is the 2 pics from 2 different era's? lolz.. so are you now a mixture of both style? ;p

  7. u show to us in ur previous blog post jor ar... but still i got the same expression...

    "zhong guai lorrr!!"

  8. hahahahha BOTH!!! my god...

    it was a good afternoon. :)

  9. OMG!!! that colorful shirt!!!

  10. we all have this kind of photo...me too ^^

  11. OMG ~~~~~~~~~~
    u looks like ah BENG !!!!! especially the 2nd 1 ....

  12. The one on the right wins the award hands down. Hahahahaha.

  13. who doesn't look weird back to his/her teen days? if judge using the frame of reference we have now.

    i'm sure those are the trend back in those days and if i was there, i'm sure will grade you as 'in' and 'hot'.

  14. Wah! Wah! Wah! I had to wipe my glasses! Your striped shirt is in fashion now for drapes and curtains! LOL... Muahahaha!

    Honestly, you looked nice and different in both pixs! The left one looks like a "I need a home" and right is a "For Sale" tag.

  15. seriously danny, the right one make me speechless.......

    the left one is more like decent one,

  16. lala Thai boi pornstar material wor! ;)

  17. keo .. so u sos got so canggih hairstyle when you were young la? lol

    kokhua ..u can say : OMG OMG OMG so... cantik ;p

    eunice .. next time i print out poster size of that lala pic for u la.. so that u won;t feel down...lol ;p

  18. wkw .. well, believe it.. cos that was me...:)

    sk .. ya la.. not everyone can carry that weirdo look.. u need lots of courage and tak maluness lol ;p

    ad .. both are from the 90's .. i think i m much better now.. in terms of fashion sense la..lol ;p

  19. paul.. not the square head ma.. gd to shock u every time ;)

    win-ni .. yup.. fun n relaxing afternoon.. with some craps and nonsense :)

    bong .. that colorful tee is a CLASSIC... dun think u can still find such design nowadays ;p

  20. 希爾門 .. what u waiting for? post it in ur blog n share with us la :))

    sexy .. what u mean by 'look like ah beng'? i am ah beng.. that time la ;p

    legolas .. i think so la.. dunno what was i thinking that time...;p

  21. justin .. in maybe.. hot? dun think so lo..

    twilight ... for sale? lol... but that time no buyer wo....;(

    nas .. u dun have to speak.. just clap for me...lol ;p

    ant .. thai boy huh? not bad ma....hahaha ;p

  22. at that time, the word 'hot' is also referring to trendy dressing la.

  23. if you fashion taste still on that level, i will suggest you to make a appointment with Image consultant. Well i can be one of them if you really need it. :p

  24. justin .. ok lorr.. if u insist that i am hot....lol ;p

    willk .. oh no worries.. i'm doing very vogiu now.. those were the days :))


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