Tuesday, October 12, 2010

abc banana

I know this girl, born and grew up in KL. She is really pretentious and always like to make fun of people who are bad in English. FYI, she doesn't really know Chinese as she was English educated. So one day during our gathering, i over heard her talking to another girl :

" You know lah. I always tell people that i am an A.B.C. Cos i don't speak Chinese."

I know this is my golden opportunity to laser her. So i looked at her and said ( in front of everyone ) :

" Sorry lor. You are definitely not an A.B.C. You are just a BANANA ! "

You all agree?

p/s : Do you know the difference between ABC, BBC , CBC, etc. and err ..... BANANA?

pp/s : If she labeled herself as A.B.C., then what am i? I am Malay educated but i know Malay, English and Chinese. Can i call myself P.A.N.D.A.I. ? ;p


  1. yes lah, she is ABC no doubt lah.. Absolute Banana Chinese mah.. correct??

  2. i call them... CCB.

    Seriously loh, those i met r sooooooo damn proud of themselves to be bananas.

  3. haha...alot bananas wanna learn chinese from me lo....muahahaha

  4. Har... I though ABC only applied to Americans.

  5. aiyer....
    tis kind of person every irritating lo, worth for lasering..
    but after all, her english not tat good also, she even dunno wat actually mean by ABC.

  6. hahaha. absolute banana chinese.

  7. I don't understand these people. What is there to be proud of? That you don't know something? That's nothing to be proud of.

  8. she's not an ABC for sure, neither she's a banana, she's an Ah Lian, because this kind of attitude in Hokkien is known as "how lian".

  9. Frankly, i hate those people who were in English Educated, and act like "i am everything & know everything". It is so unfortunately, quite a lot of these people live in M'sia, and waste our gas to laser them.

    Tolong lah ! try to ask them speak hakka with me, sure they will die straight straight t(''(t

    P/S: ABC stand for Ayam Boleh Cakap

  10. Hey, me got English educated only, not by choice nia mah! What the fuss? Of course I wished I am Mandarin literate too.

  11. 如果没有人格,何必扮晒野?

  12. 好一句 PANDAI



  13. wah~~~
    really PANDAI nya ....

    know how what language is not important, as long as u can communicate with others will do.

  14. sk .. i dun mind calling her actually... right at her face lagi syioook.:P

    alan .. oh no no no.. she is not proud as a banana.. she is proud as ABC konon ;p

    keo .. good for them, meaning they are humble n willing to learn new things :)

  15. william .. or maybe she is really ABC.. Ampang Born Chinese ;p

    eunice .. i think she is just delusional.. or in denial ..hahaha ;p

    bong .. just dun like pretentious ppl ;(

  16. legolas .. exactly..

    justin .. 'how lian' oso must kena pada tempat nyerr ma...lol ;p

    duncan .. oo? another hakka in da house issit? think we should do a hakka association in blogosphere...lol ;p

  17. twilight .. i know its not her fault.. but she shld just admit that she is banana.. instead of pretending like she's a ABC

    single.. agree agree, it just shows that she is miserable..

    shin .. no only PANDAI la.. very MENGANCAM as well...ol ;p

    matthew .. cos i'm a bit kepoh ma.. so learn more things lo

  18. What a shame for Ampang girl! I used to be Ampang girl as well. Ha! And I am proud to be Malaysian Chinese!!! Hahahah!!!:p Danny must meet for next year cny! I will be back for 3 weeks to Malaysia!!!

  19. neo .. okok.. see u at cny.. will collect angpow from u...lol ;p


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