Monday, October 11, 2010

make it work ...

( My own version of Project Runway, doing costume jewelries / props )

Sitting at home, nothing to do. Still waiting for the confirmations on my Christmas display proposals. So i went to the tailor shop and got myself some materials. Trying to do some props for the coming Halloween parties at the gym .. which btw, everyone is INVITED!!! It's a Halloween party cum Opening Day. ( more infos on that soon )

Prop 01 : Bedazzled devil's horn
Using the original red horn that i got few years back. Add a bit of colored crystal beads for a GLAM effect.

Prop 02 : Dramatic shoulder pad
Using bra pad ( yup .. bra, not shoulder pad ) as base. Add on the crystal beads and plastic ring holder ( this one you can find at those shop selling props for jewelry display ). GLAM and fierce at the same time.

Apa macam? Ada vogiu?
Anybody want me to custom made costume props for the coming Halloween party?

p/s : will try to do another 'look' for the party at different gym. so gatal horr? ;p


  1. wah, you punya susu ada cantik oh. :P

    BTW, very creative and nice! :)

  2. look at the ur 1st pic wif the devil's horn..
    so miang n b!tch err... just like u... =P
    btw, vouge n creative also..^^

  3. OMG!!! that bling-bling porcupine bra!!! why are they on your shoulders and not on where there should be?? so on your halloween party, you'll move that down to cover your neh-neh?? :D

  4. 爆灯啦爆灯啦!!!!

    give it to me N-O-W!!!

  6. i never was in costume before. haha.

  7. freedom .. of all things u tak nak tengok.. u tengok itu ;p

    eunice .. what to do? memang that face born to be bitchy ma...

    william .. hmm.. maybe i should use that as my theme for the party horr? tqtq

  8. sk .. abang.. siapa cakap bra pad mesti guna kat chest saja? ;p

    alan .. pecah lampu onli ahh? so? wanna pinjam for ur annual dinner? or mayeb i shld let the new ' single ladies' wear it huh ? ;p

    win-ni .. so demanding one meh? ;p can get it from me when u need to use it la :)

  9. justin .. then never too late to start now ;p

    legolas .. tqtq .. wanna order some? so that can maintain ur HOT @ 30 :))

  10. Bra pad become thorny shoulder pad~ wah~ memang creative lei! please create something from sanitary!! :P

  11. Amboi Danny The Gatal....!!!! LMAO!! You are so funny and daring hor... I wanna attend your blast!

  12. i like the shoulder pad, very nice :D

  13. froggie .. sanitary pad? u want issit? i'll make a headgear for u using that ...:P

    twilight .. not only gatal.. creative & bitchy as ;p

    shin .. nice horr? wanna wear that on your wedding day? ;p


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