Wednesday, October 13, 2010

louder !!!

As an instructor, part of our job is to create a energetic and fun environment for the members while they are attending your class. One of the recommended way is to speak loud an clear. Of cos, some on and off cheer will be great.

WOOH!!! HAHHHH!! YES!!!!! COME ON!!!!! ( sebagai contoh lah ;p )

FYI, my voice tone is kinda low. ( Normally have to adjust key when singing k ;p ) So whenever i tried to cheer, everything will PECAH! Pecah sepecah-pecahnyerr. :( I have to admit that it's not very pleasant to listen. And it sometimes sounded like aqua. So the tak vogiu.

Do you know if there's any good way to prevent that to happen again? Some herb tea or something?


  1. 你认识那么多人,总会找到好办法的。

  2. change battery or mic ...

  3. moan more, will make ur voice more sexy, hahaha... :p

  4. LMAO at chris's.

    me cannot raise me voice aso one. evyone say tak padan badan. ;P

  5. Turn the volume to maximum and just use normal voice?

  6. i thot u are using a mic and hence no need to shout??

  7. my voice like burung gagak, so if i talk loud the class will not be calm n peace anymore. >.<

  8. Scream lah and drink warm honey after that. All singers do that.
    Otherwise, hire me to scream for you ok!!... :)

  9. Practise to 发声from different part...
    throw ur voice to the back.....

  10. william .. can't do that as well.. mouth too big n lips too thick ;p

    single .. dunno la.. jst not my style to shout in the class..

    tz ..nothing to do with the mic.. its just my tone.. not high enough

  11. chris .. thats how u got ur sexy voice issit? moan in the flight? lol ;p

    bong .. i will sound very bitchy when i raise my voice.. tak class gitu ;p

    legolas .. maybe i should say.. not HIGH enough, instead of not loud enough?

  12. sk .. but if ur voice is not 'high', use mic oso won't hype up the mood lo

    justin ..i think me n u lebih kurang la.. n normally will lose my voice after 3 back to back classes..

    twilight .. if u scream.. i think sure kena ban one.. all the niamah and kanineh will come out ;p

    keo.. will try that.. then can sing n dance at the same time :))

  13. attend vocal class... learn the doremi...fasola....ti~~


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