Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not myself tonight ...

Ever thought of what you want to be, other than what you are doing now? I mean something totally different and unexpected.

I am a freelance visual merchandiser and fitness dance instructor. But sometimes i wonder what if i am on of those professional extreme-sports performer... doing skydiving, bungee jumping or other dangerous stuff. Who knows, maybe i can add in some choreographer while diving in the sky huh? ;p

So, what's your alternate self huh?
Let's get creative... :)

I always thought that you don't have to limit your career choice with what you learnt or studied for...


  1. Hmm...agree, shudnt limit ourself..=)

  2. freelance travel journal writer.


  3. I want to do something boring and repetitive, like giving tuition.

  4. Freelance tour guide... :p

  5. i want to be a man whore. :p

  6. keo .. cos if stick to what i studied for.. i wont be here :))

    bong .. that sounds quite interesting.. but i can't cos i am not good in describing things...

    legolas .. another job that i can't.. teaching.. i mean academic.. i dun have the patience la ;p

  7. tz .. then can team up with bong la.. u guide he ;p

    justin .. good for u.. with ur knowledge in yoga.. can do spreading eagle


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