Tuesday, October 19, 2010

when you believe ...

Remember the last entry? I said i wanted to believe the saying of " one door closes and another door opens "?

All i want to say is, i totally BELIEVE in it.. cos i think i just opened the other door. in fact a few doors. ( YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! )

I guess that's the benefit of staying positive kan?
So remember to stay positive no matter what worr.
I know it's easy to say than do, but i think it's worth trying. :)



  1. good good good.. keep the clouds clear and see bright moon~~ :)

  2. u know, the world have enuf negative energy.
    we need moreee ppl like U to brighten up our sky and cooling down the climate..
    too hot laaa.. =P
    anyway, good luck coming our way.. =)

  3. 自身難保還要鼓勵人家, 就因为你是大好人咯!

  4. That's great...=)

  5. 说不定下一秒,一大堆人在帮你。

  6. Positive outcome only! Set your mind to that.

  7. + attracts +
    Good for you! and today is 20102010!

  8. haha. nice one! congrats!

  9. My boss talk to me, we must open our "door" no matter in any situation ~ I am going to tell that bastard, my door is always open, but you are the one who closed my door >,<"

    Indeed, we have to stay calm and think positively, especially in the WAR ! It's not so easy to practice in real life, but just bare those words in your mind :D

  10. Did you get the Indonesian maid's project? :)

  11. sk .. ya wor.. actually kinda like full moon now.. so round n bright :))

    william .. dun worry.. i think that one never stop ;p

    eunice .. what u mean by people like me to COOL DOWN the climate ... HARRROWWWW!!!! I AM HOT !!!!! ;p

  12. single .. good person n a kepochi person is just 一線之差。哈哈。

    keo . i will i will.. u too :))

    alive .. 成你貴言 :)

  13. legolas .. yup.. definitely will try to stay positive no matter what... u too :)

    nana .. yup. its a gd day.. hope u had a good day too :)

    bong .. tqtq.. u ada pray for me ahh? lol ;p

  14. duncan .. i know how frustrating that is... but just stay positive lo.. what to do kan? :)

    yas .. iya bu.. sudah ambik...;p


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