Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happenings ...

It's been a really hectic week for me. And it's going to be even more hectic for the coming weeks. Why? Cos i over-estimated myself and ter-open too many "doors". Too many till i dunno how to organize my schedule ...

a) Halloween Party
If you are free and have nowhere to go, come join me at ChiFitnes @ Menara Pj Trade ( 2 minutes away from IKEA ) this Friday. Cos we are having the Halloween Party and Open Day. Anybody can come and party with us. And i'll be conducting Dance Class at 10pm ( yes!! 10pm .. dun tell me you are still stuck in the office ;p )
I'll be doing something fun and crazy. Hopefully can see you guys there. :)
( ask me to more infos if you are interested )

If you are going to attend their anniversary bash at KL Life next Saturday ( 6/11 ), do check out the performance of the FLYDOL finalist. Cos i am the one who choreograph their dance routine. I have to say that they are very energetic and talented ( in talking ), but dancing .... ( i promised them not to say BAD things about their dancing skill, so ..... i can't say anything lo....hahaha ;p )

c)Annual Dinners
~ Not Myself Tonite ... Rock Star
Am training the staffs of Melium for their inter division dance performance. There's 5 girls ( betul punye ) and 2 divas ( pirated punye ;p ). Since everyone is so open and sporting, i decided to do a DIVA show for them. Basically a very sexy, slutty and bitchy dance show with lots of ' Big Mouth" signature style...lol ;p
~ Oceanic Disquo Nite
Am training 2 group of people form SP SETIA for this event. 1 for the inter-division competition, and the other one is the Opening Gambit ( performed by all the Managers ). Imagine asking a group of normally serious kokos and cheches shaking their butt. Must be patient... wish me luck.;)

d) Christmas VM
Just confirmed a few jobs on VM. Basically occupying the whole of November. One of them need to go up to Penang, a place that i'm totally not familiar with. Any Penang-kia or Penang-ke can help? Need recommendations on hotel lah...
( somewhere near Queensbay Mall... )

p/s : i am not complaining for getting so many jobs, but i just wish that i can have more time ...
pp/s : as i am writing this post, my phone rang. someone offer me to open another 'door'... hahaha ;)


  1. It is so good to become a multitasking tool ;) however, hope that you enjoy with those works. Im not a good dancer and even not potential at all, but wish you good show ;)

  2. sesame open door... i want big big thingie for xmas... amen.

  3. i was wondering what costume will you wear during the Halloween party? Pumpkin Danny? XD

  4. How can you forget I am Penang Kia and my condo overlooks Queensbay Mall. Nearest posh hotel would be Equatorial. Not so posh but nice is Vistana Hotel. Not posh but comfy is dunno what "XXX" Suite, check Google Map lor.

  5. around QB got Eastin hotel, B-suite, Crystal-donno-what..the nearest will be Eastin hotel, just walking distant. when u come penang ar? call me out ok?

  6. 那么远,见你都难啦!

  7. More money for Christmas and New Year and Chinese New Year!

  8. Business bergolek-golek datang! Bagus lo.

  9. ( yes!! 10pm .. dun tell me you are still stuck in the office ;p )

    Just to quote this is good :p

  10. Good luck to you man!!!
    Have fun having all those 'door opening' moments!

  11. whoa~! hired an assistant ba you....hahaha

  12. duncan .. i know that i am a lucky person.. cos i have the work that i really love.. dance and decorating...:))

    alan .. big box small content can ahh? ;p

    anthony .. pumpkin? never!!! its the license to dress up.. of cos i'll dress up as vogiuly as possible la ;p

  13. bong .. so far so good la.. hopefully it will continue ;)

    twilight .. thanks for the info... will google for details.. i nvr book hotel b4...lol ;p

    paul .. thanks for the info.. m gng to set up XMas decor in mid nov... :)

  14. single .. nvm la.. as long as got heart,.. enuff la :))

    tz .. ;p

    legolas .. not really la.. many jobs but not good budget.. but at least better than nothing la :)

  15. william .. harap harap.. banyak lagi datang bergolek.. :))

    ian .. err.. life is good.. just very very very busy :) u lerr?

    sherry .. good meh? cos u r one of them? ;p

  16. jc .. tqtq.. now a bit phobia to doors liao....lol bt of cos dun mind more la..;p

    keo .. no budget for assistant la.. small business only ;p


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