Sunday, October 10, 2010

extreme make "under"

Given a chance, i would like to tone ( cut ) down my facial expression, cos people always said that it's too dramatic and ... tak cantik. I tried to smile or laugh vogiuly when taking pictures, but always tak jadi. How lah?

U lerr ? Nak potong apa? ;p



  1. 你靚, 你梗係靚啦, 靚爆鏡添喎~~ :p

  2. i like your dramatic-ness, your jokes, your companion.

    i like you.

    you can't be quiet, you cannot...till the day we are talking about old times.

    (my god, so emo, your song in your playlist make me want to tear...)

    love you love you, too many people come and go lately. live life. :)

    ** don't go and do tattoo ha...(yasmin popped-out of the corner!) hahah

  3. Maybe that's the exact trait that makes other people like you so much.

  4. like the avatar you using, nice ma.

  5. If that doesn't give you wrinkles, just continue to make dramatic monkey faces! That's your signature Danny!

  6. dude, let make a few rounds of turning around the table before coming back and look whether you are handsome with this look eh~

  7. sk .. yerr.. u say until like that.. i listen oso paiseh ;p

    win-ni .. haha.. its kinda impossible for us not to be dramatic when we are together kan? ;p

    william .. actually i can do that stretchable mouth a la jim carey in 'the mask' :))

  8. legolas .. okok.. i'm not self praising.. but i think i have to agree with u...:))

    justin .. like that u say nice ahh? ur taste really.. ahemm ahemm horr? ;p

  9. twilight .. excuse me.. that is not monkey face.. its vogiu face..hokay? ;p

    tz .. okok .. fast fast go turn la ;p


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