Thursday, October 14, 2010

to help or not to help?

There's this che-che ( not regular ) in my class who always attend my class when she needs help.

Today, i saw her walking in the studio. Hmm, is she here for something? And yes, i was right. She came to me and tell me on her latest project, which is teaching bunch of kids to perform for some event. ( Which i have no interest to know ;p )

Without me saying ok, she started to shoot me with questions.
What song to use?
What kind of moves?
How to make the performance interesting?
What costume to wear?

I don't like the fact that she only join my class just to get something.
It's like taking advantages on me without my approval.
She is not even my regular member who show up every week.
Do you think that i should help her?


  1. Just tell her my phrase ~ Kaneeneh! berambus!!!

  2. Help a little? Definitely not all the way.

  3. i would say "help as you can"...just be nice.

    日行一善 :)

  4. i'd say anything she wish. she's dealing with kids. you're with adults, so gonna be different. :P

  5. I think i would say not helping her but helping the children... I bet you will have different experience to teach the children eh~

  6. 可以说大人和小孩的方式不同,叫她找别人帮忙咯。

  7. you have the right to say No.

  8. jz follow wat u wish to do .... ! if u dislike it then jz layan her a bit then go away lorrrr ..... =)

  9. will you loose anything if u help her? will you gain anything if you not help her?
    sometime the benefit not comes immediately, it comes in future.

    so sit gou zam tau and think about it

  10. Children need to be exposed to more of Lady Gaga!

  11. haha, juz simply give some suggestion, altho not regular, but still ur member ...haha

  12. tolong if you have the passion and time!

  13. twilight .. if i use that.. i think i'll get the same words from the gym ;p

    legolas .. i did suggested some songs that i think is suitable for them.. but m definitely going to choreograph for her..

    winni .. dun worry.. i was still smiling as i reject ;p

  14. bong .. err.. to her its the same

    tz .. children or not.. its her problem.. cos she is 'CHARGING' to train the kids...

    single .. she came to me cos she knows that i wont charge her...;(

  15. matthew .. i just gave her what i have then.. not going to crack my mind to help her..

    sexy .. thats exactly what i did.. lol ;p

    paul .. never tot of that.. lol ;p

  16. william ... agree, and it won;t come from me :)

    keo .. i know i shld appreciate all members, regular or not.. but i just dun like the fact that she only come to my class when she want something...:(

    yaz .. for her? dun think have either lo...hahah ;p

  17. Oh... She charge for training the children. I would say DO NOT help here... Save your time to do more charity work like training children without charge 

  18. tell her, my business hour is during dance class only... if you need my consultation... my charges will be 1 hour RMxxx... this is my namecard, call me to make appointment... :D


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