Sunday, October 17, 2010

what a day ...

Friday morning, got a call from one of my client's office. Not a good news for me.

Been troubled with this " issue " since last month. And now i am officially suspended from providing my service to them until everything i settled.

End of the year is the peak season for us freelance visual merchandiser. Just hope that everything will be fine. And i really want to believe that " when one door closes, another door opens". Staying positive is the best way to handle things rite? :))
Pray for me would you? :)

If you are interested to know what is the issue, let me give you some hints.
It starts with a 'law' and ends with a 'suit'. That's the issue. :)


  1. Hugs.. you have my blessing and praying.. :)
    God had everything planned..
    Just be brave lo..

  2. 你这个好人,凡事都会顺利的。

  3. Hmm..撞?抄?

  4. OMG, vogue-y Danny, I don't know what to say, but of course I will pray for the best outcome for you!

  5. wow, looks like that's something quite serious?? anyway hope you'll get through this and HUATT forever then~~ :)

  6. ya ~

    think positive is the right way ~
    and always look for the bright side!

    all the best, Bro....

  7. Hope all goes well for you ait..don't worry...all will be fine..xoxo ;p

  8. Hey go mandi bunga many times and pray pray at Tien Hou Kong Temple! Sure buang soei one!

  9. Although I still dun get what is the issue, but I'll definitely pray for you... =)

  10. Don't look at the closed door, but the opened door!

  11. don't worry... worry also cannot help... think what you can do to minimize the issue...

  12. oh dear... hope things work out fine...

  13. Kun fei? Oh my. Hope it works out.

  14. Definitely yes ... and please wish me luck ! cheers

  15. emo .. thanks.. brave-ing here :)

    single .. good person? that must be some challenge for me kan? :)

    keo .. 抄. and i learned my lesson

  16. freedom .. thanks .. u take care too..

    sk .. lets HUAT together gether la :))

    matthew .. but sometimes ppl think that i am being fake cos too positive ;(

  17. AD .. yup.. IT WILL BE FINE :)

    twilight .. mandi bunga? got say what flower for what purpose one or not? lol ;p

    kokhua .. thanks .. u hv to add oil as well :))

  18. wayne .. and we shall see the rainbow kan? :)

    yaz .. non stop looking for doors to open now... thks for open 1 door for me :))

    shin .. actually i dun really think abt it so much liao lo.. cos a bit sien ;p

  19. bong .. yup.. always hope for the best to come :)) same to u :))

    william .. ya worr.. once in a lifetime experience..

    duncan .. good luck to u and me and everybody la.. world peace.. suddenly feel like ms ;p


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