Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am Korean!

As i was walking towards the nasi lemak by the roadside this morning, i felt something dropped on my shoulder. Shit! Really. I mean shit... bird shit. You know how we Chinese pantang about bird shit dropping on us, especially on the head. But what if it dropped on our shoulder?

I once came across an article about bird's dropping on shoulder. And it's actually a sign of good luck ... for the Koreans. ( is it true? )

So ladies and gentlemen, for today ... i am a Korean. ;p


p/s : do you know the actual meaning of bird's dropping on shoulder?


  1. I guess it means you have to change your shirt already. Hahaha.

  2. Buy number! Buy number! Buy Chiao-Sai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. good luck only if it's bird shit? i drop my bogey on your shoulder may be the good luck can last a year ah.

  4. haha !
    annio hasheyo ~

    ya! u think it is good luck, it will be good luck...

    Always think POSITIVE!

  5. what's your Korean name?

  6. you really a typical Chinese really trust all thus nonsense.

  7. well i think bird poo on my shirt will mean "shoot!" - new shirt.. lolz ;p

  8. legolas .. that one for sure la.. so scared to lean on my chair when i was driving back...;p

    twilight .. grandma .. so what is the number for chiao-sai? ;p

    justin .. no tq, u can save that kind of luck for someone else ;p

  9. matthew .. right? if we dun think positive.. who else will help us worr? :)

    william .. just call me Mr Hwang :)) ( hwang sounds so korean kan? lol ;p )

    willk .. typical chinese? maybe la.. who likes shit on their body kan? ;p

  10. bong .. u all ask me to buy.. but never give me reference oso.. how to buy? ;p

    ad .. so u purposely stand under the tree when u want to buy a new shirt? lol ;p


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