Friday, August 26, 2011

it's on !

Raya fever is officially ON.

The jam at Bukit Bintang started as earlier a 11am today. Guess everyone is rushing for last minute shopping before they head back to kampung ( starting tonight ). I can imagine the situation at Mid Valley & Sogo. Sure sesak giler-giler babi one. ;p

sempena hari raya yang mulia,
kumohon maaf jika terlaser kata,
salam dan senyum jelas di muka,
ikhlas, tak ikhlas , lain cerita.

Sape-sape yang takde kerje kat raye, jom kluar jumpe & minum.
Sape free?


  1. Yeah the jam outside Mid Valley was fucking crazy this evening till cars could not move an inch. Luckily I was not there.

  2. i'm expecting empty road next week. :D :D :D :D :D

    looking forward to sleep on the road.


  3. twilight .. i dare not even go near that area .. like committing suicide if i go there ;p

    bong .. which road? i'll make sure that i drive there that ;p

  4. hoho...... thx for the reminder :) better avoid the area.

  5. whizkid .. yeah .. but u can go there if u hv nothing to do and just want to kill time .. perfect place for that ;p

  6. Summit too! 3pm can jam until pengsan! :/

  7. You know what? I could not get the taxi to the airport tomorrow morning :(

    All fully booked ... Sigh~

  8. I am free for yum cha, but Penang :(

  9. amboi pakcik saya ni memang pandai berpantun... tulis lagu hantu pun pandai juga! xD

  10. savoir .. luckily i dun hv any class there ( taipan ) yesterday and today and tomorrow :)

    tz .. airport limo full? regular taxi lehh?

    freedom .. yooorrr.. that one too far liao la..

  11. alan .. of cos .. multi talented ma.. but lagu hantu tak tau ada guna tak .. dah lama saya tak update dengan dia..

    chenxing .. ya dik .. i maafkan u ...hahahaha ;p

  12. haiz... jam from 6pm till 830pm last night... WTH... @.@

  13. bighead .. 2.5 hrs? consider very lucky liao lorr.. :)

  14. har... still lucky ar.. i can take the time travel to my hometown.. T.T

  15. bighead .. at least u dun hv the urge to go toilet within that 2.5 hrs.. consider lucky lorr.. rite? :)


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