Thursday, August 18, 2011

attention to all victims ...

2 more weeks to raya ..
People sibuk perpuasa, i sibuk berbuka.
I've gained 2kg so far.
And i blame it all to Bazaar Ramadan ( lol ;p )

Any other victim ( of the bazaar ) out there?

I think the 1st step i'll do is stop going to the bazaar.
2nd step, exercise more ... :)


  1. I am too... but I busy with fast food jer. 4kg and going strong (fatter)!

  2. I happily lose 0.5KG within a week after i change my diet.

    Hahaha... I'm not into bazaar Ramadan food...

    Target to get another 1.5 KG by end of this month.

  3. bong .. or is it the season for everyone to gain weight? no matter what we eat? lol ;p

    tz .. i dun think that i can stick to any of those diet .. cannot control my mouth la ;(

  4. Don't eat too moderately...

  5. chenxing .. u try tell my mouth and stomach .. see got respond or not la ...;p

  6. You're the second victim I know

  7. I just found out i have lost 10kg last Monday. Same with TZ not really into Bazaar food but i sluuurrrpppp only for the Ayam Perchik... GGGrrrr...can't stand it.

  8. william .. ya ka ya ka? the who is the 1st one? the situation as bad as mine?

    child .. 10kg? u sure? fast fast teach me how? i really need to cut some weight now :(

  9. Not in a month la. But to make your work out matters. Drink tons of water as water helps with digestion hence losing fats. Breath more during workout as oxygen helps to speed up the process.

  10. hiyar, eat this month then get back into healthy lifestyle later la. sometimes, you have to spoil yourself!

    biaokho, im not only your now your FEI BIAOMEI!!!
    so damn fat okay? i think i need to put your pictures in my room to remind me about getting fit!!

    xx biaomei

  11. child .. i dance 9 hrs a week .. i think the main problem is my eating la.. just sapu ;p

    biaomei .. put my pic? i can tell u ur diet plan sure fail one ;p

  12. 偶尔放纵一下..还好的..

  13. bighead .. i'm just afraid that it will be out of control by the time we celebrate raya ;p

  14. Hey Fatty! Luckily I have no time to step into their bazaar! I would have gained 10 kgs!

    BTW you are quite thin already la.

  15. twilight .. me thin? think grandma think.. when was the last time u saw me? ;p


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