Thursday, August 4, 2011

oh yes ...

Him : Hi. Is that Mr Hwang?

Me : Yup.

Him : Hi Mr Hwang, I'm Jason calling from XXX insurance. We just launched a new package that i would like to share with you. ( didn't even ask me if i'm convenient to talk or not! ;p )

Me : Oh i see. I've already signed up a few policies and i don't think i need another one right now.

Him : Oh yes. this is a new package that ...... ( he went on explaining the details without listening to me )

Me : Err.. i'm actually driving now. So not convenient to talk.

Him : Arr yes. May i know if you have signed up for any of the similar programme ? ( see? he is ignoring me again )

Me : Thanks, but i'm not interested. Bye.

Him : Oh yes. No problem. I'll call you again later. ( huh? seriously? )

Seriously, i know that it is important for a tele-marketer to close as many deal as possible. And i respect them, by not just hang up the phone. But isn't it more important for them to listen to their clients?

BTW, i did "Run the World" with my che-ches yesterday. And i was very impressed with the 60+ granny ( if you still remember from my Hookerface Campaign ) do the routine together with the rest. Go granny!


  1. You could have just hang-up...


  2. Anything to close the deal.

  3. Yes I often got irritated by callers asking me how much I owe my credit cards!! Bastards!

  4. sometime all these telemarketers are so irritating ... they don't bother even you said NO to them ... some of them like read dialogue ... when you answer the phone, then straight away bla bla bla (non-stop type) until you hang up the phone >,<

  5. 我会直接说没有兴趣。

  6. evytme i hear something like that when they intro, i said i'm not free lah... then they said they will call later, i ok lor... bt the next round, i dowan to pick up jor.

  7. chenxing . err.. no la.. i think hanging up is just too rude :)

    william .. i understand their situation la.. bu as a customer .. a bit annoying lorr

    twilight .. .who ask u every time swipe ribu-ribuan worr.. lol ;p

  8. duncan .. sometimes i wonder am i talking to a robot instead of telemarketer .. cos i think they are programmed already ;p

    single .. i did .. and he never bother

    bong .. i normally say i'm ;p


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