Thursday, August 25, 2011

the "torn" between two lovers ...

Sometimes i feel bad when i see couples joining my class. Cos most of the time, they will be so unhappy with each other by the end of the class. Why?

Cos NORMALLY , the girl will be more excited and talented in dancing as compared to the guy. The guy just accompany ( or being dragged by ) the girl to join the class. And NORMALLY the guy will give up half way through the class. And when he decided to leave in the middle of the class, the girl will NORMALLY ask/force the guy to continue and stay with her. Since the guy can't really do what we are doing, he will NORMALLY end up putting on a miserable/ pissed face and blame the girl for that.

I see that a lot, after the class. Their interaction is totally different before and after class.

Now only i know. Besides good at bitching, i'm also gifted on causing tension between couples huh? lol ;p

I'm slowly turning on my lazy ( not holiday, just lazy ) mode. :(


  1. Charge them for post-class counselling sessions

  2. william .. haha.. dun expect good things to come out from my mouth .. sekali i just break them of... lol ;p

  3. We knew that you are Queen of Bitches! LMAO!!

  4. twilight .. but i never say or do anything wor.. just they fight among themselves ;p

  5. Why don't you go coach the guys personally ?


  6. Hahaha... they shouldn't put the blame on you... you just conduct the class, then??? If they are unhappy so next time don't come to your class LoL... Hehehe....

  7. chenxing .. i prefer not lo.. cos i think i'll end up vomit blood ;p

    edward .. they din blame me la.. just something that i observed :) n i do want them to come bk to my class :))

  8. Haha maybe i should come to your class someday.. Is it ok for beginners? I think I would suck BIG TIME hahaha:P

  9. single .. my concern is if they are going to join my class again or not ;p

    jboy .. yes yes yes .. pls come n join .. i think u just just tell them that u would like to try out before consider signing up :))


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