Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've been coughing since end of May. I tried almost everything to make it better and now, i don't really cough anymore. But i know, i'm not 100% back to my tip-top condition yet ...

I was driving to the gym while listening to the radio. Oo.. my favorite song. I sang-a-long. And when i about to hit the high note at the end, i coughed! Damn! All the while i have no problem on that part and becos of my cough history, i now can't handle it. How lah if i go sing K with ppl? Buat malu aje. Hilang segala kevogiulan ku!

My friend once told me that the best way to heal cough problem is ... just wait. Let it heal itself. Sure boh?


  1. Go have sex. It cures almost everything.


  2. After 6 months of coughing and seeing doctors 4 times, my honey got cured when fed with just one cup of Yomeishu! So amazingly easy. You must be having weak lungs too.

  3. hmm...
    try to get more Vitamin C and do careful in food & drinks in take lo!
    cough since May to Aug is very very serious ady ~>.<

    scare u Lung rosak !

  4. chenxing .. err.. that is really a magic potion for u horr? can cure ;p

    single .. no cough liao.. just can't hit the high note :(

  5. twilight .. maybe i use my lung to talk too ;p.. dun think i'll take yms lo... maybe i'll vomit before actually taking it lol ;p

    matthew .. no la.. no more cough.. juts sometimes gatal-gatal a bit ;p

  6. i always just wait... :P

  7. bong .. err.. if u pun say wait lorr.. then i'll just wait :)


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