Friday, August 19, 2011

suddenly 170.

Went to cut my hair yesterday. My stylist decided to try out a different style for me. and i actually quite like it. Cos when i stepped out from the saloon, i suddenly realized that i am now 170cm. Ahhhh .... life is just so beautiful. ;p

Have a great weekend ahead everyone. :)

Thanks to the technology ( hairdryer, hair products and of cos my rambut yang kembang setaman ), everyone can now be slightly higher. Yaaay !

p/s : me stylist said to me : 哇,你頭髮又粗又長,老人家說醬很‘命硬‘。then i looked at him and like ~ whatever la. ;p

pp/s : i think i looked pale in almost every pic i took. why larr? ;(


  1. your hair so curly, like my dad's hair when he was young~~

  2. that's a cool retro looking hairdo! feels like you're gonna step into the disco and bust some 80's moves.. you know the one with one hand on your waist, and one hand pointing up? hehe :P

  3. 很stylish~


  4. Yup, indeed you are much higher now.

  5. waliao~ So yeng lo, but your hair naturally so curly geh ah? Anyway, your skin very bad jor la, have to keep skin! LOL

  6. naomi .. hmm.. ur dad sure got good taste then :))

    jboy .. i know that pose .. it;s john trovolta's signature pose.. and its 70's not 80's .. guess u r too young to know .. ( jealous nyerr ;p )

    choocolate .. u mean those lip balm that will change to pink when i apply? i scared later my lips too juicy ;p

  7. chenxing .. i will enjoy my new height while it last.. lol ;p

    freedom .. what to do? old oledi is like that lorr.. ;p

  8. Hello John Travolta!!! LOL...
    Ya look sexy yeah man!


  9. Kena tambah dua cm baru layak dipanggil Datin.

  10. twilight .. haha .. now i go out got a bit perasan .. kept checking if my hair is high enough... hahahaha ;p

    william .. no la.. datin must do the omega hair.. i can't .. and i don;t use those hairspray ;p

  11. What Omega hair?? Please tell me quick!

  12. chai .. hamsum? takde la.. just vogiu ;p

    twilight .. big rounded hair la.. like wearing an extra large helmet..and curl a bit at the back...:)


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