Wednesday, August 17, 2011

once a lala ...

I always have difficulties choosing songs for my class. Cos we have so many different type of members in the class. Not everyone will appreciate the type of song that i chose to teach. Lebih-lebih lagi, with my LALA taste. ;p

Recently i'm super in love with this song : Mr Simple by Super Junior. I tell you, the beat is so strong, the melody is so catchy and it's super lala ... me likey :) But i'm not sure if i should use it for the class. Cos at certain point, i also felt that it's a bit too noisy and of cos... lala.

I've posted it at the side bar. Try listen to it.
What do you think? Ok for the class? You likey?
Your shoulder ada move tak? Your bontot ada shake tak?

Happy LALA-ing :)



  1. more a mussel now, or see hum? lolz

  2. You dress the part as well?

  3. 一日為啦啦, 終身為啦啦!!

  4. fuyoo... attack of the K-pop...

  5. anton .. err.. can i be oyster? so that occasionally i can produce pearl... lol ;p

    william .. hmm.. do u think the high cut gold shoes is lala enuf?

  6. sk .. thats what i'm talking about... u know me well :))

    bong .. ya lo ya lo.. got hook to it since i heard it for the 1st time :)

  7. biaokhoooo!!!
    i tell you what...everytime also i see your post i have so much to comment! but i lazy to click to your homepage to comment.

    okay, now i have to "dik"起心肝 to kehpo and 喷口水 at your blog jor!!

    i heard the korean!! but the dance moves are good....simple but difficult to dance!! post video if you do this okay??

    miss you much! xxx

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  10. Well, if the choreography is deliciously awesome, who cares about whether it is lala or mussel or oyster! Just cook them the right way and yummy!! :p

  11. Wonder why I deleted so many posts? Soo.... many typing mistakes! Must have got up from the wrong side of the bed, hehe.....

  12. biaomei .... long time no news horr.. just spoke to yas yesterday abt ur convo :) why suddenly 'dik' ur heart to comment? must be attracted to the word LALA huh? lol ;p

    jade .. now a bit phobia after the 'run the world' case, later only half turn up on the 2nd week.. hahaha ;p

  13. oh.. i think it's suitable to dance cause it's wake me up in the office after lunch.
    n it's make me wanna shake my "not tat small" butt. hahahXD

  14. eunice .. hmm .. thats great.. at least u r enjoying it.. or issit bcos u r a lala too ? lol ;p


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