Thursday, August 25, 2011

almost pecah !!!

After the class, i went to the changing room to change. As i was packing my backpack, i saw someone familiar at the other corner of the room. It was my cousin. He turned to me and said :

" Hello, ah ... "

I stopped him before he can continue the sentence. Cos i know, he's going to call me "XX ( my Chinese name ) kor kor". Luckily, if not sure the whole locker room will know my not-so-vogiu Chinese name liao. FYI, i only go by my Chinese name when i'm back home.

I know my Chinese name is quite normal in China & Taiwan, BUT NOT HERE!!! Cos normally people will just make fun of it.
BTW, do you like to called in your Chinese name? Or you prefer to use English / Christian / nickname, just like me?

How come i have so many 'kemaluan' lately?

p/s : found another sexy song to use for my class.. booty bouncing .. yay...;p


  1. Ehemmm.... XXX got banged by car. XXX got beaten by cikgu. XXX this and that...

  2. alan .. u 'kayu' .. u dun talk so much.. remind me to slap u when we meet :)

  3. Let me guess...Ah Seng ?


    Anyway, I like my Chinese, it makes me feel so glamorous. And of course, I wouldn't mind to call my-special someone with his Chinese name as well.


    So, what's you Chinese name ?

  4. Your name must be Ah Tiu or Ah Hai.... LOL
    So which one, tell me quick!

  5. chenxing .. not seng la .. and nice try, as if i'm going to announce to the world my Chinese name ;p

    twilight .. yorrr.. why suddenly so big fire one? my name is actually very childish .. ;p

  6. You yourself said you had so many kemaluan lately. You know it means private parts!!! My guess was based on that la. So now you say childish.... Hmmm.... Ah Tee or Ah Tong?

  7. No one calls me by my Chinese name, not even my late grandmother.

  8. twilight .. so u think Ah tee or Ah tong is popular in china or taiwan la? lol ;p

    william .. waahh.. ur family so glamour one huh? but probably bcos u r christian la? :)

  9. Nolah, this was years before mum and I converted. "William" is in my IC.

  10. william .. oic .. luckily they didn't name u something funny or childish rite? :)

  11. Hmm..
    i think you name should be start with "XIAO"....Xiao Ming?

    for me, is ok to call me with my chinese/ english name or Nickname ~
    even though my nickname is a bit rude ..ngek ngek ngek

  12. my chinese name should be a normal one & widely used.
    cause 1 billboard broke down, got 100 ppl called tat name.

  13. Hehehe... lucky you stopped him before it was too late... Did you tell him to call your English name in public next time??? Or, you need to "bribe" him to do so since he knew your "soft spot"?? :-)

  14. hmmmm now i'm wondering what it is...

  15. ummm... let me guess.. kakakakaa...
    xiao kang.. wei kang.. ah soon.. ah beng.. xiao you~~ what else... XD

  16. I emphatize!
    coz I still remembered the name of my bus driver during my school days....Tiu Ah Gong! wakakakaka

  17. Ah beng? Ah Ming? Siao Keong?

  18. matthew .. close .. but my name got not X in it.. i think can guess ur nickname .. is it the last four letter of ur name? ;p

    eunice .. mine is totally opposite.. cos if 1 billboard fall down and someone scream that name .. no one will move .. too malu to ;p

    edward .. no need bribe one la .. this one very smart one.. he just smiled when i said that to him :)

  19. bong .. ehh? i thought i told u long time ago? takde meh?

    bighead .. close by not rite.. btw, whats wrong with 'wei kang'? thats quite ok what .. or is it ur name? ;p

  20. ant .. my goodness .. i think thats really classic la.. thats why i insist my sisters to think thrice before naming their kids :)

    naomi .. u know what? u actually got some of them correct :)

  21. Danny... wei kang for me like so boy boy de.. lolz... btw.. my name will be more worst then you.. lolz...
    let me guess again.. your name was Keong??

  22. bighead .. tryst me... my name is much more booooooy than wei kang ;p and no, there's no keong in my name :)


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