Monday, August 15, 2011

i know i'm mean, but at least i'm honest ...

Some people like to tell you good news only. So that you won't have to feel sad at all. ( Type A )

Some people like to tell you bad news only. So that you'll feel bad for not appreciating what you have. ( Type B )

Some people like to tell you good news most of the time. But they'll only tell you bad news when they want you to feel bad. ( Type C )

I am Type C. ;p
What are you?



  1. Combination of all the above.

  2. I usually keep bad news to myself

  3. chenxing .. macam i la tuu ;p or just maybe less mean a bit only ;p

    william .. me too me too.. and my frens scolded me for not sharing my problems ;(

  4. I am the kind who tells everything as long as it's the truth but in a good manner.

  5. depending on the person, if i wanna 克 him /her a... i always tell him/her the things they dun like. pluck on their nerves, hehe XD

  6. child .. seems like u r really a nice person horr? makes me look even meaner ;p

    vincent .. haha.. me too me too :))

  7. i.... keep everything to myself. :P

    only to blast out in the blog later. :P

  8. Eh? not necessarily good lah. Like you say things are complicated. Sometimes truth are ugly too.

  9. bong . but keep too much things to urself not very healthy worr..

    child .. most of the time my truth are UGLY....hahahaha ;p

  10. i am type C also.
    combination of Angel & Evil.

  11. matthew .. combination huh? but i think my devil side is stronger...heheheeh ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)