Thursday, August 11, 2011


Some funny conversation while i was in BKK 2 months ago ...

We were in the hotel room getting ready to go out. My friend wore a simple t-shirt, bermuda shorts and canvas shoes. Very casual and simple. Me on the other hand, wore a tee-shirt, skinny jeans and canvas shoes, but everything was matchy-matchy. Like a copy from those fashion catalogue. So my friend asked :

K : Why you wear so nice? Sampat ah? Go out only la.

Me : Why cannot? Let people see la.

K : You think people here know you meh?

Me : That's the main reason la. Cos i dah takde reputation in KL. Cannot fight with the fashionista there. So just let me try to be fashionable here. Can or not?

K : Over!

When you go for holiday, do you normally 'dress-up' or 'dress-down' your clothing ( fashion sense )?


  1. im will dress down my clothes cos will feel relax n enjoy my holiday...

  2. hmmm ..
    holiday is to relax our body and our mind ..

    so i will dress down no need to think so much

    just SIMPLE and EASY ^.^

  3. stacey .. of cos i'll dress comfortably with some fashion sense in it :)

    matthew .. i relax my mind with nicely coordinated clothes , feeling good :)

  4. It all depends on the places we go to. Dresscode exists in some places especially when we visit temples in Thailand.

  5. I think it'll still be the same to me.

    Ok, maybe a little bit louder. Just a tiny bit of loudness...

  6. ant .. of cos i will have some more proper clothes with me la. :)

    chenxing .. meaning dress-a-bit-up la? :)

  7. i will definitely go for what i wont wear normally. hahahahahhahahaha

  8. #Gratitude: I wanna to added on... dress up no only while visiting the temple in Thailand but also the party place. Right?... :-)

    During holiday i usually dress down but still presentable. :p

  9. There should be no dress up or down it's dressing appropriately. I always thought when we take the effort to show interest in what we wear it's about respecting the place and the person we are going out with. Most importantly we respect our self enough too to dress with thoughts.
    What you wear is simple enough, and to strangers it's respectable and solid. First impression... you are appropriate.

  10. bong .. kan ? kan? where else can we be more creative if not on holiday worr? lol ;p

    tz .. ya la.. up or down.. must maintain vogiu ..lOL

    child .. wow.. u r really strict on fashion horr? no wonder u r in this line :)

  11. I will sure 'dress up' my shirt
    to show out my holiday mood~~~^.^~~~

  12. choocolate .. right? dress nice nice. mood oso nice nice :)

    william .. luckily i'm not the only one :)


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