Saturday, August 20, 2011

cehhhhhhh ...

There's this member ( who joined my class once every few weeks ) in my class who thinks that she is very good, and likes to complain every time she join my class. Too cold la, steps too easy la, songs not nice la, etc. And the thing that i hated most is when she tried to get other members to agree with her. But luckily so far nobody layan her.

Then yesterday, she came to my class again. All geared up with the latest collection of Nike sportswear ( i have to say that her fashion sense is quite good ;p ). As usual, she started to give me some 'suggestions' for my class :

" Danny, why don't you do that Lady Gaga's new songs? "

" Huh? We did 'Born this way' & ' The edge of glory' liao worr. Which song you want? "

" Nehh, that new song .. POKOFACE."

Yes! She said Lady Gaga's NEW song ~ "POKOFACE" . Dah lah lagu tuu lagu lama, nak sebut nama lagu pun salah.

I think i just shut down on her after she said that.
No point kan? Paying attention to her? Buat sakit hati & buang mase aje.


  1. picture!! Anyway i pity that you have to deal with such person. Tak layan Kesian... Layan pulak sakit hati.

  2. child .. kesian apa? bukan nye dia dengar apa kite nak cakap.. dah lah masuk sebulan sekali, nak banyak cerita ... tak kuasa nak layan ;p

  3. poke-yer-face ada lah. hahaha

  4. I think the Poker Face want is Danny cause he has to smile while layaning that lady. No need to scare already Danny, since you tiba tiba dah look down at her!!! ;) beliakkan your mata as well. lol.....

  5. bong .. tak kuasa aku nak buat cam tu.. ;p

    child .. err.. her mata is way bigger than mine lorr.. ;(

  6. POKOFACE !!?
    OMG... ur jokes really make my sat working day brighter !!
    pokoface, kokohand, takoleg ^^

  7. Mungkin lagu baru leh? XD. Baru sampai Lady Gaga pun belum tahu!

  8. kakakaaa~~ that one i need to learn to '' tak layan'' this kind of ppl.. but some time bek chek leh~~ feel wanna shoot the person kao kao... lolz..

  9. eunice .. haha .. she's just trying to act vogiu.. much she is ;p

    william .. ye lah tu .. lagu baru sangat .. nanti i choreograph .. poko poko poko face ;p

    bighead .. no need to shoot them la.. just laser them with our eyes ;)

  10. What a bodoh lady huh! LOL

  11. twilight .. not bodoh la.. just trying too hard to look smart ;p

  12. what a good skills.. muagagaga.. laser....

  13. bighead .. but must really master it before use.. ;p


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