Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ada udang di sebalik .. mee? ;p

Say i'm not really close with you.
And we are not attracted to each other.
The story is i just came back from overseas holiday.
So happened that we met each other in the gym one day.
Then i took out a box of chocolate and gave it to you. ( as souvenir )
And before i left, i told you that that box of chocolate is .. NOT CHEAP.

Do you think that i am showing off?
Or what is the possible indirect/hidden message?

Personally i won't tell the value lo.. unless i WANT you to know. ;p

p/s : btw, i'm the one who received the chocolate, hokay? ;p


  1. Normally if you tell me the price and if that is expensive, i will think you are so good and 重视 me this friend, or I will think what so special about the chocolate that worth so expensive?, hahaha :P

    But instead of think you are showing off lor...

  2. If I wanted to show off and didn't like you, I wouldn't have gave you the entire box.

  3. udang? more like lobsiter, or what u call LoongHar.

  4. 给不同的人,有不同的作用,就算便宜的给好朋友,他也会真心谢谢你,贵重的给一个点头朋友,他只会笑你扮大方。

  5. U got yourself a little admirer lo !!

  6. haha good lor... got ppl like u dy,

  7. he wants u to know that he spent a lot to get u that box of chocolate which he otherwise wont have given someone else..

    maybe in a serious way, maybe in a humour way.. u know..

  8. the message is: can i be your friend? :p

  9. ian .. nvm .. its not important...lol ;p

    kokhua .. cos the one who gave the choc likes to complain a lot. .. so i dunno whether she is trying to show off or not lo

    william .. thats the thing.. reverse psychology .. i dun like u .. but just want u to know that i am rich.. something like that...

  10. alan .. i prefer udang than lobster lo.. when want to belanja makan? ;p

    single .. rite? i oso feel uncomfortable when i know the price..

    emo .. err.. this type of admirer .. no need lo ;p

  11. bong .. what u mean got ppl like me dy? all the while oso got ppl like what....lol ;p

    eric .. its a she.. and its a member.. u dare to take the choc if she told u the value b4 giving to u or not?

    anthony .. if thats so simple .. then the answer to her is NO...;p

  12. Means...you worth it!!!
    Very simple..

  13. ky .. oh abang.. i'm definitely worth more than a box of imported chocolate...lol ;p


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